10 WARNING Signs that You May Need Foundation Repair Services

10 Foundation Repair Warning Signs

When you have to deal with foundation repair problems in your home, it can be a very large hassle.  They can cause major problems to your home.  Knowing that you have these issues in your home can be scary, so it is necessary to know the signs of foundation problems to identify them.  There are signs both inside and outside  the home to let you know of any foundation problems that are affecting your home.

1. Squeaking or Sticking Doors.  If you notice your home’s doors are squeaking or sticking, then it could be one of the first signs.  So many people ignore this because it is just a small mishap that happens all the time, but your doors could be telling you that there are some beginning foundation issues.

2. Squeaking or Sticking Windows.  This is basically the same as the first sign, but this is applying to your home’s windows.  When your windows start to do this, it is also viewed as a common occurance.  However if they start squeaking and sticking out of nowhere, then this could be your sign that you have a foundation problem.

3. Check the Door Frame.  A way to tell if you have a problem is checking if the frame of your door is separated from the door itself.  If it is separated, then you most likely have a foundation problem.

4. Curling or Separating Wallpaper.  The walls of your home will shift if there is a foundation issue, so when your walls shift the wallpaper shifts along with it.  When this occurs it causes the wallpaper to separate or rip.

5. Bowed Walls.  These walls can be normally seen from the basement.  It is the easiest way to identify them and they will be curved either inward or outward.

6. Leaning Chimney. This identifies the need for foundation repair.  If it is not taken care of as soon as possible it can cause much greater damage as time passes on.  It can cause water leaks or cracks around the mantel of the chimney.

7. Cracks on the Corners.  In your house when you start seeing cracks appearing from the corners of window/door frames.  They may also appear where walls meet other walls, or on brick fireplace walls.

8. Unlevel Floors.  If your floor has an obvious slope, humps, or valleys, then you could have foundation problems in your home.

9. Nails Popping Out.  When the nails in your walls begin to pop out for no apparent reason, then it is an obvious sign that you need foundation repair.

10. Gaps between Patio or Stairs.  These gaps on your home are telling you that you have a foundation issue.  When foundation needs repaired they start to move and separate the attachments, like patios and stairs, away from the home.

This damage that can occur to your home from a foundation problem can be very dangerous.  Immediate inspection or repair is recommended as soon as possible so there is not further damage to your property.  Contact Grout Tech today!