Avoiding a Wet Basement


Avoiding a Wet Basement

A wet basement poses a serious threat to your possessions, the value of your home, and the safety of your family. A settling or sinking foundation creates the possibility for leaks, and promotes mold or mildew growth. If you don’t have a proper basement waterproofing system, your basement could get water damage. In order to keep your basement dry, there are several different waterproofing options. Here at Grout Tech, we are happy to meet your waterproofing Alabama needs.

Basement Waterproofing Alabama Options

To waterproof your foundation, you must first manage the source of the water. waterproofing alabama, exterior drainage alabama, wet basement birminghamWe provide quality landscape drainage to direct the water away from your foundation. Our gutters, drainpipes, and dry wells are the perfect first step to a water free basement. An exterior drainage system is another way to waterproof your foundation. Typically, home builders use damp proofing materials instead of true waterproofing materials. This spray-on material looks like waterproofing materials, but is watered down and isn’t nearly as thick. At Grout Tech, we offer true exterior waterproofing Alabama systems.

On the interior of your home, there are other solutions to solve your wet basement waterproofing alabama, wet basement birmingham, basement waterproofing, interior drainage alabamaBirmingham problems. We offer interior drainage systems to keep your basement free of water damage. A water management option is a sealed interior drain system. These systems are buried, and cannot be easily modified or corrected. It is important that a professional from Grout Tech installs your interior drainage system correctly. The most effective and popular of the interior drainage systems is a perforated drain pipe installed inside the perimeter of the footing. They remove rising water and connect to the sump pump.

Our other basement waterproofing Alabama solution is the installation of a sump pump and sump pit. Today’s sump pumps are highly efficient and reliable. It is important to check to make sure your home’s sump pump is working properly, and possibly upgrade to a new one. A battery backup sump pump provides protection against flooding when the power goes out.

In order to protect the value of your home and keep your basement dry, contact the professionals at Grout Tech for your waterproofing Alabama solutions. We are happy to assess the situation and provide the best solution. Contact Us today for more information.