Carbon Fiber Repairs


rhino carbon fiber wall repair kitNichols/Grout Tech is a certified installer of Rhino Carbon Fiber® wall supports as a solution for bowing walls. Carbon fiber is increasing in popularity due to its strength and durability.

This patented carbon fiber is the strongest on the market because it ties to the foundation base and the home’s frame. It is fastened to the sill plate with a galvanized bracket system and secured to the foundation floor with a carbon fiber pin. Carbon fiber is used to repair both block and poured concrete foundation walls. It also is used to repair foundation cracks.

Carbon fiber wall supports are installed from the inside of the basement. It is less intrusive and more cost-effective than other bowing wall repair options. After installation, the finish is smooth, flat and nearly invisible after painting. Carbon fiber is easy to install in tight locations including in crawlspaces. To learn more about Rhino Carbon Fiber Wall Supports and to see if they are the right solution for your basement or crawlspace walls, call Nichols / GroutTech today.

ARTICLE: Not all carbon fiber kits are created equal. Read why. 

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What Are Bowing Walls and What Causes Them?

Bowing walls are walls that are leaning or buckling due to the foundation that has moved inward or outward. They can occur due to:

  • Age of the structure – years of repetitive freezing and thawing
  • Poor construction – improper backfill or lack of rebar causes foundation walls to bow
  • Water pressure – saturated soil pushing against foundation walls

carbon fiber basement wall repair kit

How Does The Install Process Work For Carbon Fiber?

  • Our team will inspect your foundation wall and see where the carbon fiber straps will need to be installed.
  • We mark the area that the carbon fiber will be placed.
  • We then will grind the foundation wall where the straps will be placed.
  • We will clean the area of any caulk or mortar so that just the block or concrete remains.
  • Using the mortar joints as a guide we will then drill holes for the bracket that will be located at the Sill Plate.
  • The bracket will be mounted and then the carbon fiber strap will be prepared with epoxy.
  • Epoxy then is applied to the foundation wall.
  • The carbon fiber strap will be applied and a smoothed out to ensure a clean and secure installation.
  • The strap will then be secured to the anchor and the area will be cleaned up.

Call Nichols / Grout Tech today to learn more about how Rhino Carbon Fiber can help repair your bowing walls in Birmingham, Alabama.