What is Pressure Grouting?


What is Pressure Grouting Alabama?

If you are faced with a sinking or settling foundation, consider pressure grouting for your solution. Compaction or pressure grouting occurs when we inject a very stiff grout mixture at a high pressure into specific areas in the soil. The grout then compacts the soil around the areas of injection. This is most commonly done in stages, usually working from the bottom of a deep injection to the top. If there is a shallow area, top down injections can also be used to strengthen and contain the pressure of the soil. Here at Grout Tech, we will be happy to help you with all of your pressure grouting Alabama needs.

pressure grouting alabama


Not only does pressure grouting strengthen the soil, it lifts and supports the sinking foundation. When the grout is injected, the pressure compacts the soil and raises the foundation. In a sinkhole situation, the area is filled, and remediated if needed. Pressure grouting Alabama is useful for most sinking foundation situations, whether it be your home, garage, or commercial building. It is used to correct errors in concrete and masonry structures, or before construction to solidify the foundation and prevent possible problems.

Pressure Grouting Alabama Options

Along with pressure grouting Alabama, the experts here at Grout Tech offer a wide variety of other grouting services. Permeation grouting is the most common form of grouting, used to lift and repair the problem area. Usually, cement is injected under the problem area to a sandy surface, acting as a hydraulic jack, and the area is leveled. The drill technique, injection pipe, and material used all vary, depending on the situation. Contact the professionals here at Grout Tech to come assess your situation and service all your pressure grouting Alabama needs.

pressure grouting alabama

We are also happy to offer void filling and bulk in-fill grouting. When faced with a sinkhole or depression in the ground service, void filling is the way to go. We also offer polyurethane epoxy injection grouting, which is used to repair cracks in a structure. Pipe filling, probe grouting, and pipe grouting are all used to fill various voids or empty areas in the ground or structure. For example, when a pipe is removed, we are able to fill the empty space, wherever it may be.

We use only “the very best” foundation repair tools from Earth pressure grouting AlabamaContact Products for all of our grouting services. Whatever form of grouting is used, it will stabilize an area, restoring it completely. Pressure grouting Alabama will stabilize your foundation and prevent future problems from occurring.

In order to keep your home and family safe, contact Grout Tech to service all of your pressure grouting Alabama needs. We will be more than happy to come assess your situation and provide you with the best solution. Don’t hesitate, as these problems can worsen over time. Contact Us today for more information!




Wet Basement Solutions for Homeowners

Wet Basement Alabama

A wet basement is a huge problem for many homeowners. If you have excess water in your basement, it could pose a serious threat to you and your family: it could cause mold to enter the air, creating a health hazard for you and your family; it could damage your personal possessions; and it could lower the value of your home. Fortunately, Grout Tech offers many great solutions for all of your wet basement Alabama issues.

Wet Basement Alabama, Wet Basement Birmingham There are many things that can cause a wet basement or crawlspace: foundation issues (such as a sinking or settling foundation), an improperly functioning component in the exterior, interior, or surface drainage system, a sump pump that needs replaced or upgraded, etc. Fortunately, all of services and products are provided by the professional team at Grout Tech. By looking at the different drainage systems in your home and fixing any problems that are found there, we can help you get on your way to a dry, safe basement.

 Wet Basement Alabama Solutions from Grout Tech

The first step in waterproofing your home is to make sure you have a good surface drainage system. This means installing properly working gutters and downspouts, and a drainpipe system that will direct collected water away from the foundation. The ground around the home should also be graded or angled downward enough that rainwater will runoff correctly, instead of collecting near the base of your home.

A sealed interior drainage system will also help keep your home dry and mold-free. Grout Tech offers sealed interior drainage systems as well as quality sump pump and sump pit systems from ECP, a reliable provider of waterproofing and foundation repair products.

For the exterior drainage system to be properly waterproofed, the foundation walls should be cleaned and coated with waterproofing material. Then a properly sloped drain pipe system should be installed to carry the water away from the home. Finally, the drain pipe should be covered with clean rock and clay soil that will force water away and discourage erosion.

Grout Tech is able to install and repair all of the systems necessary to keep your home safe and dry. For all of your wet basement Birmingham needs, contact us today.

How to Choose a Waterproofing Company

Picking a Waterproofing Company in Alabama

When it comes to the caring for your home, making sure it is waterproof is an important step. Water leakage in the home is a serious problem, and could cost you lots of money in damage to your personal possessions and it could also lower the value of your home significantly. It is also a health hazard for you and your family, as water issues can lead to things like mold. If you suffer from a wet or damp basement or crawl space, you probably need to have your home taken care of by a professional waterproofing contractor Alabama.

When choosing a waterproofing company Alabama, you’ll need to find one that offers the most cost-efficient services to effectively keep your homeWaterproofing Company Alabama safe and dry. To do this, you first need examine the symptoms and determine the heart of the problem.  The underlying problem could be anything from a mere leaky pipe, to a serious issue with the foundation, such as settling, or sinking. Have your home looked at by a waterproofing contractor Alabama or foundation expert from Grout Tech today.

Grout Tech is a Highly Qualified Waterproofing Company in Alabama

Alabama Waterproofing Company - Nichols / Grout TechUsually, there are two ways that a water problem in your home can be solved: by fixing either the interior or exterior drainage systems or both. If there is a problem with the exterior drainage system, it can usually be solved by installing quality gutters, drainpipes, french drains and dry wells, which can all be done by Nichols / Grout Tech using the high quality waterproofing products we use from ECP. Earth Contact Products is known industry wide for excellence in waterproofing products. As a leading waterproofing company in Alabama, we won’t use anything but the best waterproofing products. We also use true waterproofing materials, instead of the thinner, spray-on, damp proofing material used by other companies. For interior drainage systems that are failing, the problem usually lies with a faulty drainpipe or sump pump. You may need to upgrade your sump pump or sump pit, or repair a drainpipe that is damaged and leaking. We offer primary sump pumps as well as battery back up sump pumps to make sure you are covered at all times. Quality waterproofing companies will make sure that you have the best products installed by the best waterproofing contractors, and that is Nichols / Grout Tech. You won’t find a more dependable waterproofing company anywhere else in Alabama.

Grout Tech offers all of the necessary services to help you keep your basement dry and prevent damage to your home or a health hazard to your family. Our services are effective and cost-friendly, and our team is willing to offer you quality solutions to keep your home safe and dry. If you are looking for a professional waterproofing company, contact the expert team at Grout Tech today.

Foundation Failure – Know the Signs

Alabama Foundation Repairs

Knowing signs of foundation failure is the first step in having a home that is safe and has no decreasing value. When your home has foundation problems the value of your home will start to decrease, and some of the foundation failure problems can be dangerous to whoever lives in your home. Some common signs of foundation failure include:

Alabama Foundation Specialists, Alabama Foundation Repairs

All of these different problems are signs of deeper foundation failure that could seriously damage your home. Foundation failure usually comes from moisture levels fluctuating and causing the soil around your home to expand and contract which in turn causes movement under your home that can leave walls and floors uneven and cracked. Getting your home’s foundation failure problems taken care of as soon as possible is incredibly important, because the longer you leave your foundation failure the worse it gets and the repairs become harder and more expensive.

Call Your Alabama Foundation Specialists

Do not worry if you are starting to notice signs of foundation failure, call Grout Tech today. We have solutions for all your Alabama foundation repair needs. We can repair all of your foundation failure problems. Uneven floors, cracks walls, floors, and foundation, and even leaning chimneys. Whatever you need, Grout Tech has your back. Keeping your eye out for signs of foundation failure will help to keep your home a safe and healthy environment for all its inhabitants.

So, for all your Alabama foundation repair solutions make sure to call Grout Tech. We are proud to be able to help you keep your home in its best shape. Grout Tech is a team of experienced foundation specialists and you can be sure that any and all repairs we make will be sure to last. Give us a call today!

Alabama Foundation Repair Professionals

Foundation Repair Professionals in Alabama

Water and soil movement can pose a serious threat to the foundation and well being of your home.  Soil expands in hot and wet seasons and contracts in dry cold ones.  Knowing the warning signs of foundation failure are a necessity if you want to catch the problem before it becomes to serious.  Water can put hydrostatic pressure on basement and foundation walls.  This pressure could lead to cracking, bowing, or leaning.  If you notice signs of this happening you will want to contact a professional immediately.  The longer you wait, the more expensive the problem will become.  Not to mention, more damage could be done to your home.  Call Grout Tech and find out what we can do for you.

Our company was founded in 1981 and has been providing top of the line foundation repair services to our customers all over the Alabama area.  We serve both the commercial, residential, industrial, and municipal, markets.  We have the ability and know-how to give you the best results you could ask for.Alabama Foundation Repair Experts

We only hire the most qualified and professional employees in the industry. Our staff will have your home in tip top shape before you know it. We use only the top of the line products as well. All of our underpinning solutions are provided by Earth Contact Products. These products have been load tested and proven to last.  Foundation repair is nothing to joke about, the safety of your home and family could be at stake.  Safety is our number one priority. We want to guarantee that you will feel comfortable and remain safe in the structure you live in.

We offer foundation repair and basement waterproofing to the Alabama, Florida, Mississippi area.  We install interior and exterior drainage systems, sump pumps and vapor barriers.  We can fix up your foundation and renew the strength of your home.  For all of your foundation repair and basement waterproofing needs.  Contact Grout Tech today! Find out what we can do for you, you won’t be disappointed.

Your Alabama Foundation Repair Experts

Birmingham, Alabama Foundation RepairHelical_Tiebacks

Nichols Concrete Equipment Company, Inc., (Nichols) has the reputation as being the leading concrete pumping contractor in the Southeast. In 2008 they acquired the the assets and personnel of a leading foundation and specialty grouting company, giving Nichols greater ability and service in the construction market.

As Grout Tech, the job types range from small residential to large commercial and industrial work. Our philosophy is doing the job right the first time.

Helical Anchors

Helical anchors are used to lift homes or stabilize foundations when driven deeply into the soil to stabilize it. By choosing helical anchors, there is little to no disturbance to job site and are easy to install. Grout Tech uses Earth Contact Products (ECP) products, the leading manufacturer of anchoring products in the industry. Contact us at Grout Tech for your Birmingham, Alabama foundation repair needs.

Helical Tiebacks

If you notice walls are cracked or are bowing or leaning, Grout Tech can install helical tiebacks to resolve these issues and prevent further damage. These tiebacks can actually pull the wall back into place. The ease of installation, lightweight equipment and strength are a few of the reasons many engineers pick these helical tiebacks and their first choice for underpinning. Let Grout Tech be your foundation repair for Birmingham, Alabama.

Micro Piles and Steel Piers

Alabama Foundation Repair

Steel push piers are used for homes that need to be lifted for foundation repairs. They are driven hydraulically into the soil using the structural weight of the building as a reaction force. The function is to support and stabilization of your homes load bearing walls as a permanent solution. Grout Tech offers two designs of steel push piers. Concentric pier, installs directly below the footing or load, the eccentric pier, which installs to the side of the intended load. It’s the application that distinguishes the model of steel pier versus the design of the pier itself.

So if you see any signs that your foundation is in need of repair such as cracks in drywall, doors and windows that stick, cracks in floors, chimney that are tilting, walls bowing or cracks in brick contact us for your Birmingham, Alabama foundation repair professionals today.




Your Waterproofing Options

Sump Pit Installation Alabama

Don’t let water leaks cause your home, your investment, to be damaged or cause a serious health risk to you or your family. The health risk is due to mold and mildew that can form due to water leaking into the basement or crawl space. Grout Tech has several solutions to waterproofing your home. A sump pit installation system is an effective way to keep your basement dry. One of the key ingredients to the sump pump system, it the design of the sump pit. The unique bell shape of this sump pit that Grout Tech uses for sump pit installation Alabama, allows for a greater amount of water to gather at the inlet. This causes the sump pump to to run 40% less and is more efficient.

Sump Pump Installation Alabama

The sump pump’s job is the remove the water that goes into the basin or pit. Grout Tech’s high performing sump pumps are made by Earth Contact Products, the leading waterproofing product manufacturer in the industry. The float system on our sump pumps tells is when to turn on or off. Since there are many types of floats or switches, the higher the quality of switch, the less likely the sump pump will fail. Grout Tech uses a high quality dual switch in case of switch failure. For your waterproofing Alabama needs, contact us and your sump pump installation Alabama specialist will install this high quality sump pump system.

Battery Back-Up Sump Pump

Your home can be even better protected by installing a battery back-up for your sump pump. In the Spring, storms can interrupt power, the ECP battery back-up system will switch from AC power to DC power. This added protection using only the highest quality, efficient battery back-up sump pump, will ensure that your basement will stay dry.

If you have aWaterproofing Alabama Service Area Mapny questions, contact us. Grout Tech is your waterproofing Alabama experts.Sump pump battery backup


sump pump pit

sump pump pit

Is it important to have a battery backup sump pump?

When your basement is in danger of water damage, a battery back-up sump pump is a necessity. It provides protection against flooding when the power goes out. Especially during the damaging spring and summer storms, guaranteed protection against flooding means there is one less thing you have to worry about. Here at Grout Tech, we offer batter back-up sump pumps as well as primary sump pump installation Alabama services. Battery back-up sump pump installation Alabama is best when done by a professional from Grout Tech.

Our ECP battery back-up sump pumps monitor your waterproofing system, and automatically switch on when the primary power source fails to protect your basement from flooding. When the power returns, they switch off and begin recharging . Alarms will sound at these instances, but there is no need for action on your part! Our battery back-up sump pumps are totally hands-free after installation. Contact one of the experts here at Grout Tech to provide your sump pump installation Alabama services.

Sump Pump Installation Alabama Optionssump pump installation alabama, batter back up sump pump alabama, basement waterproofing alabama

Here at Grout Tech, we install primary sump pumps and battery back-up sump pumps to protect your home from water damage. Like primary sump pumps, the effectiveness of your battery back-up sump pump varies. Gallons per hour and efficiency depend on the model. Other products may not be able to keep up with the amount of water coming into your basement and fail.  At Grout Tech, our battery back-up sump pumps are extremely efficient and do not drain the battery or put your basement at risk.

Don’t let your home be put in danger of flooding because of a power outage. Protect your home and your possessions with a battery back-up sump pump. Grout Tech is happy to offer quality sump pump installation Alabama services to protect you and your home from water damage. Contact Us today for more information.


Avoiding a Wet Basement


Avoiding a Wet Basement

A wet basement poses a serious threat to your possessions, the value of your home, and the safety of your family. A settling or sinking foundation creates the possibility for leaks, and promotes mold or mildew growth. If you don’t have a proper basement waterproofing system, your basement could get water damage. In order to keep your basement dry, there are several different waterproofing options. Here at Grout Tech, we are happy to meet your waterproofing Alabama needs.

Basement Waterproofing Alabama Options

To waterproof your foundation, you must first manage the source of the water. waterproofing alabama, exterior drainage alabama, wet basement birminghamWe provide quality landscape drainage to direct the water away from your foundation. Our gutters, drainpipes, and dry wells are the perfect first step to a water free basement. An exterior drainage system is another way to waterproof your foundation. Typically, home builders use damp proofing materials instead of true waterproofing materials. This spray-on material looks like waterproofing materials, but is watered down and isn’t nearly as thick. At Grout Tech, we offer true exterior waterproofing Alabama systems.

On the interior of your home, there are other solutions to solve your wet basement waterproofing alabama, wet basement birmingham, basement waterproofing, interior drainage alabamaBirmingham problems. We offer interior drainage systems to keep your basement free of water damage. A water management option is a sealed interior drain system. These systems are buried, and cannot be easily modified or corrected. It is important that a professional from Grout Tech installs your interior drainage system correctly. The most effective and popular of the interior drainage systems is a perforated drain pipe installed inside the perimeter of the footing. They remove rising water and connect to the sump pump.

Our other basement waterproofing Alabama solution is the installation of a sump pump and sump pit. Today’s sump pumps are highly efficient and reliable. It is important to check to make sure your home’s sump pump is working properly, and possibly upgrade to a new one. A battery backup sump pump provides protection against flooding when the power goes out.

In order to protect the value of your home and keep your basement dry, contact the professionals at Grout Tech for your waterproofing Alabama solutions. We are happy to assess the situation and provide the best solution. Contact Us today for more information.


What are Helical Anchors?

What are Helical Anchors?

When looking at solutions for foundation repair, there seems to be an overwhelming amount of options. Here at Grout Tech, we offer them all, but one of the most popular solutions is the use of helical anchors. Helical anchors are screw piers, best used on slab foundations, porches, or other light-weight structures. They are used to lift or stabilize sinking foundations, or stabilize retaining walls. They stabilize and reinforce materials when they are attached and driven deeply into the soil. Grout Tech is happy to be your helical anchors Alabama provider. We install helical anchors, helical piles, and helical tiebacks.

Why Helical Anchors?

helical anchors alabama, helical piers alabama, helical piles alabama, foundation repair alabama

Helical anchors work on a basic principle: their capacity is proportional to the length of the torque during installation. Short piers work best for lighter loads, and long continuous lengths are for larger loads.

One of the reasons helical anchors are so popular is because they are so easy! When installing helical anchors or piers, there is little or no disturbance to the surrounding landscape, leaving your home and garden just as beautiful as before. They can be installed in all weathers, and there is an immediate load transfer upon installation. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any remaining concerns about helical anchors Alabama installation. We specialize in foundation repair, and we are happy to answer any questions and provide quality service to fix your foundation.

When to Install a Helical Anchor

You may be in need of a helical anchor installation if you notice any of these common symptoms:

Helical anchors can be used to fix these problems, and prevent similar problems from occurring in the future.

In order to make a correct decision, contact one of the professionals here at Grout Tech to assess your situation and provide the correct solution. We are happy to be your helical anchors Alabama providers. Contact Us today for more information.