Commercial Foundation Repair

Commercial Foundation Repair

commercial foundation contractor AlabamaDo you need to permanently repair the foundation of your commercial construction site? Nichols / Grout Tech is a geotechnical contracting organization and ground improvement specialist with years of experience in providing cost-effective services to commercial companies. As a commercial foundation repair company in Alabama, we understand the needs of our commercial customers and can perform many repairs with no need for business interruption. We are your top choice for foundation contractors in Alabama and the surrounding area.

Nichols / Grout Tech utilizes state of the art technology, equipment, materials, and techniques and applies our high-performance standards to each and every job. We conduct both large and small commercial projects promptly with uncompromising quality and service.

Concrete Contractor in Alabama, North Carolina, Louisiana

Nichols / Grout Tech has a wide range of techniques to provide you with the best ground improvement and structural repair solutions available today. If you are looking to build a new commercial unit, we can help with that as well. We can set up your concrete groundwork and make sure that your soils are correctly prepared before you start building on top of the foundation soils.

commercial sinkhole repair ALFor many years, our team of professionals specialized in major jobs ranging from foundation repairs to sinkhole repairs. One of our foundation repair solutions is compaction/pressure grouting. Compaction grouting is used for construction site improvements, to arrest foundation settlements, rectify sinkhole problems and lift/level slabs. Compaction grouting is also used to repair faults in concrete and masonry structures. At Nichols / Grout Tech, we offer only the best commercial repair solutions.

With our professional staff and service, we can handle even the biggest jobs in Alabama, like sinkhole repair. Sinkholes are a common problem in the Nichols / Grout Tech service area. What are sinkholes? Sinkholes are holes in the ground that are covered by a layer of limestone. As the rock deteriorates, these holes can sink in and become larger. They can also pose a threat to the foundation on a commercial or residential site.

For sinkhole repairs, we offer void filling and bulk in-fill grouting. We use this method when a sinkhole or depression forms. One way we fill in voids is to use Portland cement or chemical grouts and foams to fill in the cavity. Depending on the size and severity of the sinkhole, we can also use other methods to repair it. Our specialized engineers and geologists will determine the best and most cost effective solution for you. If your property needs sinkhole repair, we are your professional sinkhole repair service provider.

As a leading foundation contractor provider, we use high-quality ECP products for your foundation repairs. This gives you the trust and stability your commercial building site needs. We are your foundation contractor team. If you need an estimate, contact us today! We’ll be happy to provide service in your area. You won’t find a more experienced commercial foundation company in Alabama or any of the surrounding states.

For commercial foundation repair in our service area contact Nichols/GroutTech. Our service area includes: