Concrete Crack Locks

Concrete Crack Locks

Concrete Crack Locks by Nichols/Grout Tech

Flash flooding causes serious damage to the structural integrity of thousands of homes and businesses each year. When flash flooding occurs, the soil around your home’s foundation becomes oversaturated, expanding the soil. Expansive soil causes hydrostatic pressure on foundation walls, which can cause a multitude of foundation issues. One of these issues is cracked walls and floors throughout your Alabama home.

Nichols / Grout Tech uses Concrete Crack Locks to permanently seal cracks throughout your home. Concrete Crack Locks use the strongest man-made material, even stronger than steel, to stop cracks in foundations, walls, slabs, and more. Not only is it the strongest crack solution available, but it is more cost-effective and less intrusive than other crack repair solutions.

Easy, Less Intrusive InstallationConcrete Crack Locks Installation

  1. Concrete Crack Locks are installed very quickly by first removing a thin slit of concrete across the crack.
  2. Next, two small holes are drilled at each end of the slit.
  3. Then, the cut is filled with epoxy paste and the Concrete Crack Lock is inserted.
  4. Finally, additional epoxy paste tops off the cut until it is even with the concrete.

While many people think that crack repair can be a DIY repair, it should only be left to the professionals. Without the proper equipment and knowledge of what is causing the crack, gas leakage such as radon could enter into your home, creating a health hazard for you and your family.

This is why it is so important to give Nichols / Grout Tech a call if you notice cracks around your Alabama home or business. Our team is compiled of hard-working individuals who are extremely knowledgeable in their field and always ensure that the customer is of highest priority. If you are interested in Concrete Crack Locks, the strongest crack repair solution available, or interested in a free estimate, you can contact us here. Don’t wait, restore the integrity of your home’s structure and your family’s health today.