Concrete Cracks from Constantly Changing Weather? In Alabama, Grout Tech can Fix It!

Fluctuating Temps can Cause Concrete Cracks in Alabama

foundation-crack-solutionsCracked concrete surfaces in driveways, sidewalks, and foundation slabs can ruin the appearance of your home or business. They can also be a trip hazard for pedestrians and family members. Concrete surfaces take a lot of abuse from fluctuating temperatures and weather conditions. There are many reasons why cracks form, but the most common are due to fluctuating temperatures. At Grout Tech, our experienced team can examine your concrete and provide concrete repair solutions for the residents in Alabama.

During the summer months, hot and dry weather conditions followed by heavy rains can affect your concrete. As a result, the soil expands and creates pressure against the foundation. Not only does summer pose a threat, winter conditions with snow, ice, and freezing temperatures can have damaging affects on concrete surfaces. These fluctuating weather patterns form cracks and gaps in the concrete, causing it to sink and shift.

Water is the main culprit when it comes to sinking and shifting concrete. There is either too much or not enough. Excess  water settles into cracks, causing cracks to deteriorate over time. The amount of rain can’t be controlled, but homeowners can minimize the damaging affects of expansive soils around their property.

  1. Remove trees and shrubs that are too close to concrete surfaces.
  2. Install proper downspout extensions.
  3. Clean clogged gutters on a regular basis by removing debris and leaves.
  4. Avoid over-watering your yard.
  5. Slope the ground away from the foundation to prevent pooling water.
  6. Get an adequate water management system.
  7. Repair concrete cracks to eliminate water seepage and leaks.
  8. Repair all plumbing leak or broken underground pipes.

Fixes for Shifting and Moving Concrete in Alabama

crack-injection-blogConcrete acts like a sponge by absorbing moisture from the soil. This causes the concrete to become weak and crack. At Grout Tech, we use concrete repair techniques to divert water from your concrete slab such as polyurethane epoxy injections. They are designed to stop water leaks and restore the concrete surface back to its original strength and load capacity.  Epoxy injections offer the following benefits:

  • Seals air
  • Guards against water and moisture
  • Fills in voids
  • Repairs and restores concrete
  • Highly tensile and strong

Grout Tech offers concrete repair solutions to eliminate shifting and moving concrete for the residents in Alabama. Contact Grout Tech for professional, quality concrete repair.