Concrete Cracks

Concrete Cracks in Alabama

Most concrete cracks in Alabama are caused by the ever-changing moisture content in Concrete crack repair in Alabama by Grout Techthe soil beneath the concrete. When the soil gets too much moisture, it will heave and when it becomes too dry, it will shrink. As the soil is constantly shifting, so is the concrete above it. This cause the concrete to shift and crack. Not only is this unsightly, but concrete cracks can become a tripping hazard for you, your family and visitors to your home. Other causes of concrete cracks are:

  • Corrosion of reinforcing steel: Steel rebar is protected inside concrete because the concrete is very alkaline which prevents rust. But when chloride is present, such as from deicing salts, it destroys a layer of concrete, allowing the rebar to rust. So if you have a crack in the concrete, the rebar will rust more quickly from deicing salts.
  • Freeze-thaw disintegration: Concrete is porous, so if water gets in and freezes it breaks off small flakes from the surface. Deicing salts make it worse. This is typically called scaling and it can occur during the first winter and get worse over time. When severe, it can lead to complete destruction of the concrete. Proper air entrainment completely prevents scaling.

It is important to contact an expert in concrete repair (like those at Nichols/Grout Tech) at the first sign of concrete cracks. The longer you ignore the crack, the bigger the problem will become and also more costly. Let the professionals at Grout Tech come and give you a free inspection and offer you the concrete repair solution to fit your needs.

Concrete Crack Repair in Alabama

Grout Tech has the concrete cracks solutions to get your concrete looking like new again. We specialize in concrete repair using polyurethane or epoxy injections. This stops water leakage and is a technique for welding cracks back together.

Repairing your concrete with epoxy injections or polyurethane costs much less than replacing your concrete. These epoxy injections or polyurethane injections will seal the crack and prevent moisture from entering the crack and protect the rebar beneath the concrete.

Don’t let your concrete cracks be ignored. The longer you wait to get the cracks repaired, the worse the situation will get. The cracks will grow larger to the point where you will need total concrete replacement. Grout Tech can help keep your concrete cracks from expanding and prevent total concrete replacement.

Grout Tech was founded in 1981 and have earned the reputation of a premier concrete repair company in the Southeast. Our personnel have been extensively trained in the process and products that are used for concrete repair. We are your number one choice for concrete repair in Alabama. For any of your concrete crack repair needs in Alabama, contact the professionals at Grout Tech. We will fix your concrete cracks before they become a bigger problem. Contact us today!