Concrete – New & Replacement Gallery

Concrete – New & Replacement Gallery

Whether completing a new pour or replacing an existing area, correct preparation is the key for long-lasting concrete slabs.

In the first photo, you see the area prepped, with rebar elevated on what is called “rebar chairs.”

The second photo shows the gravel base that was placed.

Next is the placement of the cement mix.  Note where the feet of the person placing the cement are located…between the rebar, not standing on the rebar.  This small, but necessary detail, ensures the rebar remains elevated off the gravel base and in the cement being placed.  (See next photo.)  Too many times rebar may be placed, but it is either laid on top of the gravel base or stepped on during finishing…which negates any benefit you may have derived from rebar placement.

The last photo shows another “Job Well Done!”