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Concrete Contractor for Alabama and BeyondWhen dealing with concrete in your home, the job can be very tough sometimes. Although you may put lots of hard work into it, the concrete can still crack and crumble. Moisture and temperature extremes can put a lot of damage into concrete walls, floors, and structures. There are several reasons why cracks can occur and they can be prevented sometimes. It is necessary to have a concrete contractor Alabama come and deal with the issues to your home’s concrete. We can help when the following symptoms occur: concrete spalling, shrinking, heaving, cracking, voids underneath the concrete, settlement or sinking.

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When you are in need of a concrete contractor Birmingham, AL, Nichols / Grout Tech will be there to take care of your concrete issues. We at Nichols / Grout Tech are dedicated to finding solutions and doing the job correctly the first time. We know how to find the right solutions for your concrete contractor Alabama needs and we complete the project to your expectations. We specialize in structural repair using polyurethane or an epoxy injection. This protects the rebar, stops water leakage, and is a technique for “welding” cracks in the concrete back together.Nichols / Grout Tech is Birmingham, Alabama's leading concrete contractor.

One of the factors in the causes of cracks in the concrete is dry soil.  Concrete tends to act like a sponge even though it is very hard. It absorbs the water from the soil and when the soil is too dry to absorb water from it, then the concrete starts to leach the moisture from itself. This causes the concrete to become brittle and possibly crack. By diverting water from your home to the ground where the concrete slabs are installed, the concrete will use this liquid and the cracks may never form. The diverting track could be as simple as a trench.

If your concrete slabs are full of weeds, grass and other types of vegetation, then it can cause your concrete to crack. Weeds may be small, but they are persistent. They grow from under the surface and do not stop until they push through the concrete to the surface. A way to prevent this is by removing the oxygen from the layer of soil to prevent them from growing. To do this, you need to place landscaper’s fabric in the excavated hole prior to pouring the concrete.

Seismic testing is another factor that could cause cracking in the concrete.  This type of things only occurs in areas rich in natural gas or oil. Cracks in the concretes are caused by companies that use seismic waves, but this can only be avoided if you file a lawsuit.  And the last factor has to do with the curing times of the concrete. It has to have time to be properly cured, hardened and set. If the original concrete contractor Alabama did not take enough time to let the concrete cure, it could cause issues. The concrete slab will be hard in a day, but it may not be set for another week. When you try and speed up this process is when concrete cracks can form.

If you are in need of a concrete contractor Alabama or for the greater Birmingham area, then Contact Us at Nichols / Grout Tech and we will be of service.