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Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

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Crawl space vapor barriers are the first line of defense against high humidity and poor indoor air quality. These poly crawlspace encapsulation barriers are 10 to 20 mil thick, puncture resistant and made of a high tensile strength material that stops soil moisture from entering the space from the soil. When installed by professional waterproofing contractors, these swimming pool type liners encapsulate the crawlspace so that moisture cannot attack exposed wood and create mold and mildew.These same crawl space vapor barriers can be used on the basement walls to prevent water and moisture permeation through the wall. By continuing the vapor barrier from the ground to up the foundation walls you will create a permanent vapor barrier against most water and water vapor, creating a healthier home environment. We are your crawl space vapor barrier provider in Birmingham, Alabama.

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier AlabamaOnce the crawl space vapor barriers are in place, the next action is to stop water infiltration through the below-grade foundation walls. This is accomplished by excavating the exterior foundation and sealing the below grade walls with polymer membrane coating and dimple board. This will stop water from being wicked from the exterior soil into the crawl space. This waterproofing will also direct water down to an installed interior or exterior French drain tile system that can drain to either a sump pump or to daylight away from the foundation.

The final step to waterproofing your crawl space is to seal or close in your crawl space. Crawl space sealing prevents the humid outside air from settling in the space creating condensation and promoting mold growth. There have been many studies done proving that a sealed crawl space creates a healthier and more energy efficient home due to the elimination of humidity fluctuations. We are your crawl space vapor barrier provider.