Odors in Encapsulated Crawlspaces

Musty Crawl Space Odors

Crawl space encapsulation is important when it comes to keeping your crawl space clean and free from moisture. However, along with sealing, a crawl space needs to have proper ventilation. Many homeowners that have encapsulated their crawlspace without proper ventilation have experienced terrible odors wafting up into the house.

odors, crawl spaceIf you have an encapsulated crawl space but have noticed extremely unpleasant odors, perhaps comparable to feline urine, your crawl space is in need of ventilation. Most likely, the soil underneath your crawl space is releasing gasses which are getting trapped beneath the liner and causing a chemical odor.

Fix crawl space odors with proper ventilation

• Use ventilation to get the odor out of the crawlspace. The trapped gasses need to be dispelled to the outside to prevent them from being trapped in the crawlspace.
• Install an ATMOX System setup for a closed crawlspace. For an encapsulated system with a dehumidifier, add a FLEX or SMART Controller to control fresh outside air at the right times and control the dehumidifier as needed. Depending on the size of the crawlspace only a few vent openings will need to be reopened or created. The ATMOX Multi-Mount Fan can even be used with louvers to keep the crawlspace completely closed when fans aren’t running.

Improve the air quality of your home with crawl space ventilation. You can’t improve air quality by trapping it. There is a reason why overly tight homes are now in need of ERV systems (Energy Recovery Ventilators) for living spaces – the air is stale and may be full of pollutants. There is a common phrase used in green building construction – Seal tight and ventilate right!

Contact Nichols/Grout Tech for assistance with a closed crawlspace odor problem. We can install a crawlspace ventilation system for you.