DIY Crack Repair: Not the Best Idea


Alabama Crack Repair

There are many projects that a capable homeowner with the proper power tools can perform. Whether it is painting walls to or fixing a broken pipe, however, there is one thing for certain about these situations, none of them affect the well being of your entire home.  The foundation of a structure is what disperses the weight of the building to the soil below. It also holds your home and prevents moisture from entering.  If your foundation is cracked or damaged, there are way too many possible causes and consequences, fixing it right the first time is extremely important.  If you attempt to work on your own foundation you may damage it further or you may believe you’ve fixed it, while in fact the damage is getting progressively get worse.  In this case, the repairs may end up being much more extensive and expensive than the original problem.

Wall cracks are often a possible sign of foundation and structural damage.  While you may think it is easy to cover up the cover up the crack with some paint and plasterboard, the truth is you may actually have a bigger problem on your hands.  The cracks might be from the wall being stretched or compressed by foundation settlement.  It is always safe to have any cracks examined by a professional they might have bigger problems hidden within them.

Most foundation problems are the result of settlement. Meaning that over time as soil conditions changed, soil may have expanded, contracted, or eroded and it is not uncommon that your home may have sunk a few inches into the soil. This can be fixed by a professional crew, but it is hard to imagine that any homeowner has the resources necessary to install the proper supports and raise the home back to its designated elevation.

When you call Grout Tech for an estimate, a professional contractor will come to your property and assess your situation. Taking accurate measurements and using a laser level to determine just how much your home has settled. Based on those results they’ll determine the best solution for you.

foundation crack repair AlabamaA simple internet search will reveal that there are in fact DIY Foundation Repair kits on the market. These are by no means a reliable replacement for professional repair. Every home is not the same and every situation is different, therefore, how can a universal kit be the ultimate solution to your situation? These websites do not send over a qualified structural engineers, they will just mail you a bag of carbon fiber strips to apply on your own. But where? And how?   Slapping a strip of carbon fiber across a cracked wall will not halt foundation settlement.  The only thing these kits are good for is giving homeowners a false sense of security, while the problem actually worsens without their knowing.  In the end these kits will cost you more money than calling a professional in the first place.

Grout Tech wants to take care of you.  Foundation issues and structural settlement can be scary to think about, however, with the right crew behind you, you can rest assured that your home will be safe and sound. Call us today and see what we can do for you.