Drywall Cracks

Drywall Cracks in Alabama

Drywall Crack Repair Options in Alabama by Nichols / Grouttech

It is always worrying when cracks start to form in your home. No matter where the cracks are, it is likely that they are the result of a deeper issue, probably a foundation problem. Drywall cracks, for example, are often caused by the settlement or shifting of your home’s foundation. These cracks come in all shapes and sizes, and should not be ignored. If you see cracks in the drywall in your home, contact a professional foundation repair contractor to determine whether or not they are caused by a foundation problem and work out the best solution for you. Nichols / Grout Tech has the necessary foundation repair know-how and experience to effectively fix drywall cracks in your home and to prevent more from arising.

The uneven settlement of your home may lead to drywall cracks. This settlement is normally caused by shifting soil or excess moisture in the ground. If the soil shifts due to erosion, soil shrinkage, or poor soil compaction, the foundation will settle, leading to wall cracks and a variety of other structural issues. Too much water in the soil can also cause settlement or shifting, as it leads to an increase in hydrostatic pressure, putting stress on the foundation and causing shifting and crack formation in the floor and walls.


Different types of drywall cracks may indicate different types of foundation problems. Horizontal cracks may be caused by too much stress on the foundation, causing bowing and leaning foundation walls and shifting foundations; vertical or stair-step cracks often indicate a settling or heaving foundation. While tiny, hairline cracks are usually not a big deal, any crack wider than 1/16 inch could mean serious foundation problems. If you have found drywall cracks in your home, look for other common signs of foundation failure:

Solutions for Drywall Cracks in Your Alabama Home

There are a number of repair options for drywall cracks that we offer. If the drywall cracks are the result of a sinking or settling foundation, the best solution is to use foundation underpinning to stabilize the foundation. Both steel push piers and helical piers are good choices for this issue. Steel piers are driven into the ground under the foundation to offer lift and support. Helical piers work much the same way but are screwed into the ground instead of driven in.

Helical tiebacks may also be an option for drywall cracks caused by shifting foundations. These tiebacks are large, screw-like devices that anchor horizontally into the ground to pull bowing and leaning foundation walls back into place and restore shifting foundations to their original position. Yet another repair option is mudjacking. This procedure is used to lift and stabilize sinking foundations. First, small holes are drilled in the slab foundation. Next, a grout is injected through the holes to fill voids, lifting the slab and providing support for the entire home.


Nichols / Grout Tech has a repair option for all of the drywall cracks and foundation issues in your Alabama home. Contact us today for more information on wall crack repair in Alabama.