Floor Cracks

Floor Cracks

floor crack repair, AlabamaWhen your home is suffering from floor cracks, it could be a sign that you need foundation repair. A lot of times floor cracks are caused by moisture coming into your home through excess water in the soil around your foundation.

When the soil around your foundation walls and floors gets wet, it expands, adding unwanted pressure to your foundation walls. This excess pressure causes cracks in your floor and in your walls. If you find cracks in your floors and you live in a newer home, then it may be because of poor construction. They may not have allowed the floor to cure properly. Our professionals at Nichols / Grout Tech can fix this situation with ease, so you don’t have to worry about it any longer.


Floor Crack Repair Solutions

Nichols / Grout Tech offers several solutions for your floor crack and foundation repair needs. We provide underpinning services that can keep your foundation floor stable and steady.

We only install the best and most trusted products to ensure safety in your home. We are proud installers of Earth Contact Products, and they have the highest quality equipment to ensure that you are receiving the best possible repair job. The crew at Nichols / Grout Tech can install helical anchors to provide added support for your home which will also keep the pressure from the surrounding soil to a minimum.

We are a trusted company that will provide you with quality service. We have professionals on staff that have years of experience in foundation repair in Alabama, as well as basement waterproofing, pressure grouting, underpinning, and more. You can be confident that your foundation repairs will be handled right the first time. We can help you take the worry out of foundation repairs. So if you notice floor cracks, wall cracks, or foundation cracks, don’t wait. Call us today and get started on protecting your basement, foundation, or crawl space.