Foundation Repair in Auburn, AL

Foundation Repair in Auburn, AL

Foundation repair, Auburn, ALYou won’t find a better foundation repair in Auburn, AL than Nichols /  Grout Tech. Nichols / Grout Tech is a company dedicated to serving the area for all your foundation repair needs. The climate in Auburn is a relatively normal climate with hot summers and mild winters and the area experiences a generous amount of rainfall ranging around 52 inches every year. With the high amounts of precipitation, your home’s foundation may be in danger of potential problems.

You take pride in your home and that huge investment is very important to keep repaired when needed. Foundation failure or damage can cause the value of your home to decrease.When determining if your foundation needs to be repaired, look for cracks in your drywall or slanting floors, and even check the concrete foundation on the outside of your home to see if there are cracks. If you are noticing these problems, then foundation repair is most likely an issue that needs to be addressed.

Residential Services

At Nichols / Grout Tech, we offer products from the leading manufacturer in foundation repair products from Earth Contact Products. When your foundation needs to be lifted due to settling, the steel push pier is the best option for your foundation repair. These piers are driven into the soils and can then lift back to its regular state. You will notice that your doors and windows will now open and close correctly again and you will notice the gaps in your drywall cracks closing. This can be done hydraulically using the weight of the structure as the reaction force. We are your leading foundation repair and concrete repair contractors in the Auburn area.

commercial services

The helical pier is the pier used most in the foundation repair industry today. These piers are easy to install, they can be installed in all types of weather, there is minimal to no disturbance to the site surrounding the repair, and the load is transferred immediately upon install. If your slab foundation or porch is need of repair, the helical pier is the best choice as it is for lightweight structures.

Professional Waterproofing in Auburn AL

If you start noticing signs of foundation failure, but they don’t look some of the others mentioned, such as standing water in your basement, mold, and mildew, or cracks in your walls and floors that seem to be allowing leakage, you might be in need of waterproofing services. We’re here to help.

municipal services

We offer many different solutions to your waterproofing needs. We can provide services such as vapor barriers, surface, interior, and exterior drainage, and sump pump installation. No matter what type of foundation water damage you have, we can help. Not only will we help you fix the immediate problem, we’ll help you to prevent future foundation failure. Give us a call and we’ll help you protect your home against water infiltration.

industrial services

Nichols / Grout Tech also offers crawl space repair in Alabama and basement waterproofing. Call Nichols / Grout Tech today for an estimate on your foundation repairs for your Auburn, AL home.