Foundation Repair Destin FL

Foundation Repair in Destin, FL

Foundation repair in Destin, FL, is one of the services offered by Nichols / Grout Tech to help put your home back to its original state.

helical tiebacks, Destin, FLFluctuating temperatures can affect the stability of your home’s foundation and if the soils around your home are eroding or expanding it can cause failure. Your home is an important investment and you do not want the foundation problems to cause your home to lose value.  If you start to notice the signs such as cracking of your walls, your windows or doors not opening and closing properly, or even slanting floors, then it is time to get a professional to come in and get your home back to being safe and sturdy. Our experts at Nichols / Grout Tech can immediately come to your home and diagnose the problem so that we can start the right repair methods needed.

Basement Waterproofing in Destin, FL

Quality products manufactured by Earth Contact Products are used by Nichols / Grout Tech contractors, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best product. The helical pier is most often used to repair lighter weight foundations such as porches or slab foundations.

Have you determined that your foundation needs to be lifted due to settling? The steel push pier is usually the #1 choice for this type of repair. When the piers are driven down to a solid soil or rock, the foundation can then be lifted to its natural state.

At Nichols / Grout Tech, we also provide the services of basement waterproofing and crawlspace repair. Contact us today for your estimate on foundation repair for your home or business in Destin, FL.

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