Foundation Repair in Crestview, FL

Foundation Repair in Crestview, FL


Nichols / Grout Tech is proud to serve the Crestview, FL area for all of your foundation needs. With over 62 inches of rain every year, Crestview homes and businesses are in danger of foundation problems. Nichols / Grout Tech is here to help protect your home and repair any foundation damage you may have.

Steel push pier lifting foundation, Crestview. FLWe know that your home or business is probably your biggest investment and you can’t afford for foundation damage to ruin your entire structure. Even small amounts of foundation damage can drop the value of your residential or commercial property. There are some signs you can look out for to tell if you are experiencing foundation damage. Keep an eye out for cracks in your drywall or outside your home on the foundation walls. Also look for slanting floors or sticking doors or windows. If you come across these problems, give us a call as soon as you can, so we can do an inspection and determine if you need foundation repair.

Our foundation experts choose to use products and tools from Earth Contact Products, the leading manufacturer of foundation repair products in the industry.

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Professional Waterproofing in Crestview, FL

There are other signs of foundation damage that you may find, such as mold and mildew, standing water, cracks in your basement floors or walls. If you have any of these in your home, you may be in need of Nichols / Grout Tech’s waterproofing services. We want to share our expertise and high-quality products with you to restore your home or business to its original and stable state.

There are many waterproofing options available, depending on the individual situation. Nichols / Grout Tech can install vapor barriers, sump pumps, and surface, interior and exterior drainage systems. No matter what the cause is of your foundation water damage, we have the knowledge and tools to repair the damage and prevent it from occurring again.

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Give us a call today to learn more about foundation repair and basement waterproofing. The experts at Nichols / Grout Tech can also assist you with crawlspace repair and more for your Crestview, FL location.