Foundation Shifting and Moving

Foundation Shifting and Moving

shifting foundation repair, AlabamaOne of the most frightening foundation problems is your home’s foundation shifting and moving. If the foundation underneath your home starts to shift, it can lead to serious structural damage throughout the home. Due to the relatively high amount of precipitation and the types of soil in Alabama, shifting foundations are not uncommon in the Birmingham area. If the foundation beneath your home has started to shift or move, it is important to have it repaired right away; the longer you wait, the worse the issue will become, requiring more extensive and costly repairs. The foundation repair team at Nichols / Grout Tech can help restore your shifting foundation to its original position.

Most often, shifting foundations are the result of soil movement or changes in the moisture content of the soil beneath your foundation. This soil movement or moisture variation can occur for a variety of different reasons:

  • Soil Shrinkage: Very dry, drought-like conditions can cause the soil to shrink. When this happens, the soil will fall away, creating spaces that cause shifting and settlement.
  • Hydrostatic Pressure: As the ground around your home absorbs more and more water, the hydrostatic pressure in the soil will increase dramatically. This pressure pushes against the foundation, causing it to move, shift, and crack.
  • Poor Compaction: I the soil under your home’s foundation was improperly compacted at the time the home was built, the soil will settle and shift over time, taking the above foundation along with it.
  • Erosion: When excess precipitation causes erosion to occur, the soil under your home is washed away, forming voids that can lead to foundation settlement or shifting.

If the foundation under your home starts to shift, it can cause the floor to become sloped or uneven; foundation cracks to form; the foundation walls to bow and lean; and water problems such as a wet basement; damp crawlspace; water stains; and crawlspace mold and mildew.


Shifting and Moving Foundation Repair for Your Alabama Home

Helical Tiebacks for Shifting Foundation Repair in Alabama by Nichols / Grouttech

To restore your shifting or moving foundation to the proper position and height, it may be necessary to install foundation piers such as helical piers or steel push piers. These piers install deep underground and anchor into load bearing soil to provide stability for the above foundation. Once installed, the piers can be used to lift and reposition the foundation. Although they both work in much the same manner, there is one big difference between helical piers and steel push piers; while helical piers are screwed into the ground, steel push piers are driven into the ground.

Helical tiebacks may also be used to pull shifting foundations back into place. These tiebacks are devices that look and work much like large screws. The tiebacks are installed from the interior of the basement walls and screwed laterally into the ground to straighten bowing and leaning foundation walls and pull the foundation back into position.

For these and more foundation repair solutions for your shifting or moving foundation, contact the professional foundation repair team at Nichols / Grout Tech immediately.