Helical Tiebacks

Helical Tiebacks for Foundation Repairs in Alabama

Helical Tiebacks add support to bowing walls in Birmingham, AL

When water pools around your foundation, it can cause major problems for your foundation walls. The hydrostatic pressure in the soil will put stress on the walls causing them to bow or lean inward. If left untreated this will lead to further foundation failure. It is a good idea to inspect your foundation walls to see if they are bowing or leaning, or if wall cracks have developed. If you live in or around the Birmingham, Alabama area, and have noticed these problems, it is time to contact Nichols / Grout Tech immediately. We offer helical tiebacks repairs to resolve these issues and prevent further damage. Helical tiebacks can also be used for retaining walls and other shoring projects and can be utilized for temporary wall support.

Benefits of Helical Tieback Solutions from Nichols / Grout Tech

Helical tiebacks can add support and strength to walls that have become weak due to an excess of hydrostatic pressure in the soil around them. Helical tiebacks are used to repair bowing and leaning walls for many reasons:

  • Ease of installation
  • Lightweight equipment can be used
  • Strength and ease of measuring capacity
  • Not adversely affected by weather
  • Can be load tested immediately upon installation

Because of all of these great benefits, helical tiebacks are many engineers’ first choice when it comes to underpinning solutions for bowing and leaning retaining walls and foundation walls. Here at Nichols / Grout Tech, we use Earth Contact Products (ECP) helical foundation repair products. ECP produces the very best products in the industry, so you know the repairs are trustworthy. Installing helical tiebacks can be a permanent solution for your bowing and leaning walls and will definitely help prevent future problems with your foundation. Your home is your biggest investment; if you notice your foundation walls bowing and leaning, don’t wait to make the call to Nichols / Grout Tech. Our expert team can inspect your foundation and see if helical tiebacks are the right solution for you. You can count on us for all your helical tieback installation needs in Alabama. If you have foundation repair concerns, just come to Nichols / Grout Tech. We are here to help you understand your foundation problems, and find a solution that fits your specific needs.