Hollow Bar Anchors / Piles

What are Hollow Bar Anchors / Piles?

Injection Bored AlabamaUsually, Nichols / Grout Tech is able to use tieback anchors to add strength to structures and concrete retaining walls. This is because the hard subsurface material in most repair situations is the hard blue-gray clay or dense sand that works well with tieback anchors. The problem is that there are some instances where helical tiebacks won’t work due to a different type of ground material called Glacial Till.

In most times, ECP tiebacks will not work in areas where fine silts from underneath the glacier were compacted and developed a very dense rock material, known as Glacial Till. When we work in an area that has Glacial Till, the helical anchors aren’t able to anchor into the soil. For these Glacial Till areas, we use an anchor that has a rock bit and a hollow steel tube used to inject grout. These anchors are called Hollow Bar Anchors / Piles. Just as with helical anchors, Nichols / Grout Tech specializes in Hollow Bar Anchors / Piles.

Hollow Bar Anchors / Pile Solutions for Alabama

These Hollow Bar Anchors / Piles provide a solution for people whose homes are in areas where there is Glacial Till. Here are some of the many advantages of Hollow Bar Anchors / Piles:

  • Simple drilling system
  • Suitable for cramped and limited-access conditions
  • Low manpower requirement
  • Good connection with surrounding soil due to drilling and grouting
  • Soil improvement thanks to rotary impact driving and flushing
  • Piles can be lengthened or shortened on site
  • Suits all ground conditions
  • Rapid, effective ground and structural stabilization(ground improvement)

We are the leader in Hollow Bar Anchors / Piles for Alabama and the surrounding areas. For residential commercial and industrial Hollow Bar Anchors / Pile solutions, contact Nichols / Grout Tech today.

Injection Bored Alabama

After geotechnical borings and additional exploration, this commercial structure would require the installation of Hollow Bar Anchors / Piles due to floating boulders found between 5’ and 12’ below grade, with significant soft soils and voids found in the soils throughout depths of up to 21’ below grade. Call Nichols / Grout Tech in Alabama for more information.