Is it important to have a battery backup sump pump?

When your basement is in danger of water damage, a battery back-up sump pump is a necessity. It provides protection against flooding when the power goes out. Especially during the damaging spring and summer storms, guaranteed protection against flooding means there is one less thing you have to worry about. Here at Grout Tech, we offer batter back-up sump pumps as well as primary sump pump installation Alabama services. Battery back-up sump pump installation Alabama is best when done by a professional from Grout Tech.

Our ECP battery back-up sump pumps monitor your waterproofing system, and automatically switch on when the primary power source fails to protect your basement from flooding. When the power returns, they switch off and begin recharging . Alarms will sound at these instances, but there is no need for action on your part! Our battery back-up sump pumps are totally hands-free after installation. Contact one of the experts here at Grout Tech to provide your sump pump installation Alabama services.

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Here at Grout Tech, we install primary sump pumps and battery back-up sump pumps to protect your home from water damage. Like primary sump pumps, the effectiveness of your battery back-up sump pump varies. Gallons per hour and efficiency depend on the model. Other products may not be able to keep up with the amount of water coming into your basement and fail.  At Grout Tech, our battery back-up sump pumps are extremely efficient and do not drain the battery or put your basement at risk.

Don’t let your home be put in danger of flooding because of a power outage. Protect your home and your possessions with a battery back-up sump pump. Grout Tech is happy to offer quality sump pump installation Alabama services to protect you and your home from water damage. Contact Us today for more information.