Mudjacking for Alabama

Settling foundations are a common problem in many homes. The soil around your home will start to move, usually caused by changes in the moisture levels, shifting soil over time, or even earthquakes, giving way to the weight of your home. Your home’s foundation may start to shift and sink causing a variety of structural problems that may cause very serious damage to your home. Some of these common signs and results of foundation issues include:

All of these problems can put you and your family in danger, as well as significantly lower the value of your home. It may seem like a problem that can’t be fixed, but here at Nichols / Grout Tech, we have all of the necessary solutions to repair your sinking or settling foundation.

We have a simple service that can help your regain confidence in the safety and value of your home. This service is called mud jacking and is a process by which grout is pumped under pressure, below the concrete slab or footing. This process is used to fill voids formed by shifting and/or settling soil, in an attempt to recover lost elevation. The foundation may be raised back up to its original position using grouting techniques. However, due to the nature of relatively thin concrete slabs with little to no steel reinforcement found in the majority of residential structures, the high pressures required to raise foundations via grouting are typically frowned upon by engineers and code inspectors. This being the case, helical or steel push piers may be required to first raise the foundation, with additional grouting procedures done afterward to fill voids and provide extra support.

Mudjacking Solutions for Your Alabama Home

Mud Jacking Solutions for Foundation Repair in AlabamaWe begin the mud jacking process by drilling small access holes in the concrete. The initial injections will fill any voids beneath the foundation. Once the spaces are filled, later injections will start lifting the concrete back to its original position. After the slabs are lifted, the access holes are patched and the work is completed. The mud jacking process is very quick and inexpensive when compared to traditional replacements. The process is also very versatile since it doesn’t disturb the surrounding area.

Mud jacking is a great solution to help you fix your settling foundation. Don’t ignore the signs of a settling foundation; contact a foundation repair expert such as the team at Nichols / Grout Tech immediately. Settling can be a dangerous process, and waiting will only make things worse. Catching signs early will ensure less expensive repairs and a safer home for you and your family. Call us today, and we’ll help you to fix your settling foundation, and prevent future foundation failure.