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Foundation Repair and waterproofingHigh traffic areas such as public sidewalks and driveways can become a major safety issue if the concrete is uneven. At Nichols / Grout Tech we can remove these trip hazards by providing fast, economical repairs to any public walkways or concrete surfaces in municipal areas. Nichols / Grout Tech is a geotechnical contracting organization and ground improvement specialist with years of experience in providing cost-effective services to municipalities throughout the area. We understand the special considerations that must be taken doing municipal work and can perform many repairs with no need for traffic or plant interruption. We are your foundation repair and waterproofing service provider in Alabama and the surrounding area.

Foundation Repair and Waterproofing

Do you notice floor cracks or leaning/bowing walls? We have a wide range of techniques to provide you with the best ground improvement and structural repair solution available today.  Whether you need to deal with foundation repairs or if you are thinking about building a new unit, we can help with that as well.  We can set up your concrete groundwork and make sure that your soils are correctly prepared before you start building on top of the foundation soils. Our professionals will make sure the job is done right the first time to prevent foundation damage in the future.

Whatever your needs are for your municipality, Nichols / Grout Tech can provide reliable, quality service. Not only do we offer foundation repairs, we provide specialty grouting services. These services include pipe filling, pipe grouting, probe grouting, pressure grouting, and void filling/bulk in-fill grouting.

The most cost effective specialty grouting service is pipe filling. This process consists of filling abandoned pipes. This method saves more money than complete pipe removal. Removal of the sub-surface pipe includes:

  • Digging out the soil that is above the pipe
  • Breaking/cutting the pipe
  • Removal/disposal of the pipe
  • Backfilling and compacting the soil that has replaced the space left by the pipeMunicipal Foundation Repair and Waterproofing

In addition to specializing in grouting services, Nichols / Grout Tech also provides reliable waterproofing services.  Does your facility have a wet basement? Do you notice water stains on the basement walls? If so, the water problems need to be addressed. Water leakage can cause mold, mildew, and damage to the foundation. We can waterproof your wet basement by installing an interior/exterior drainage system, sump pits, battery backup sump pumps, sump pumps, and proper surface drainage. We are your foundation repair and water management experts in Alabama.

At Nichols / Grout Tech, we utilize state of the art technology, equipment, materials, and techniques and apply our high performance standards to each and every job. We use the best products for steel foundation repair, waterproofing, and anchoring. We prefer tools and products from Earth Contact Products, the leading manufacturer in the industry.  We handle both large and small municipal projects of all sizes promptly with uncompromising quality and service.

Nichols / Grout Tech has a wide range of techniques to provide you with the best ground improvement and structural repair solutions available today. Our service area for municipal work includes:

Nichols / Grout Tech has been providing quality cost effective services to our municipal clients longer than any other pressure grouting service in the Southeast. For all your foundation repair and waterproofing needs, contact Nichols / Grout Tech today.