Nichols/Grout Tech Proudly Serves The Florida Panhandle


The Florida Panhandle is a unique geographical location. The area regularly receives over 62 inches of rain and can be impacted by weather from the Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico and from areas located to the north.

With the weather coming at you from every direction, your home takes a beating all year, every year. The rainfall, high winds, and temperature changes all take a toll on your foundation.

Areas We Serve In The Panhandle

Nichols/Grout Tech is dedicated to providing solutions for the common problems that occur in cities in the Florida Panhandle like:

  • Florida panhandle, foundation repairCrestview
  • Destin
  • Marianna
  • Milton
  • Panama City
  • Pensacola
  • Tallahassee

No matter where you live in the panhandle, Nichols/Grout Tech has you covered for foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and crawlspace repair.

Foundation Problems In Florida

The soil in Northwestern Florida is unpredictable, so many homes and buildings shift, settle, or sink. Fortunately, Nichols/Grout Tech is here to stabilize and strengthen your home or business. Some issues that are unique to this area include sinkholes, beach erosion, and voids.

Through the use of industry leading products and tools, our foundation repair experts can quickly and effectively repair any foundation problems you may be having. We can help with sinking and settling foundations, cracks in floors, walls, and garage columns, bowing or leaning walls, and problems in your crawl space.

There are many causes of foundation problems in the Florida Panhandle. Some of the most common are erosion, soil overloading, and poor compaction. Keep an eye out for signs of foundation damage such as wall cracks, sticking doors or windows, water in your basement, or uneven floors. Any one of these indications could be a sign of a much bigger foundation problem.

Foundation Solutions For Florida Panhandle

It is important that you hire someone who knows the soil and makeup of the Florida earth and weather. Nichols/Grout Tech has years of experience in the area and we use tools and products from Earth Contact Products. We will inspect your Florida home or business  and work with you to make an individualized plan that will meet your needs and budget.

Contact us today to learn more about our services for the Florida panhandle and surrounding areas.

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