Nichols/Grout Tech Works on Operation Room Retreat


Josh and Brandi Randall with our very own Steve Schoonover

Nichols/Grout Tech Works on Operation Room Retreat

We were so glad to be able to assist Josh and his family from Cordova with Operation Room Retreat! Josh was nominated by his wife. Josh was just discharged from the Army and we are so grateful to Josh for his service. Josh’s wife describes him as someone who would do anything for anybody and we hoped that in return we could help do something for him.

Operation Room Retreat helped build a room just for Josh in their home. Nichols was so excited to help out! We are grateful to WBRC Fox 6 for giving us the opportunity to be a part of something so special. The finished product of Josh’s “Man Cave” makeover will be unveiled live on Good Day Alabama on Dec. 9.

You can view the video below about this special below or read the story by CLICKING HERE.