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When pipes are abandoned, if they collapse anywhere near your home, this can cause you major problems for your foundation. It would open up a space which could cause settlement of your foundation, followed by wall cracks and leakage. For these problems pipe grouting is a great solution and Nichols / Grout Tech has your covered with their pipe grouting services.Pressure Grouting Alabama, Pipe Grouting Alabama

Some state laws required that abandoned pipes be filled so they do not collapse and create dangerous voids in the future. Usually a cement grout is used, and the pipe is vented so that it doesn’t not get damaged during the grout injection process. Grouts usually have different chemical makeups that are used based on the soil conditions at the job site. Pipe grouting is not only used on abandoned pipes but can be used as a safe and viable way to rehabilitating pipes into your home or business. When used in this way it helps seal the pipe when there is runoff and groundwater seepage. This helps prevent changes to the soil around your home. When there are changes to the soil around your home it can cause the soil to expand or compact and this can cause problems with the foundation which will then require you to possibly need foundation repair or waterproofing

Pressure Grouting

Pipe grouting is a great way to insure the safety of your family and the long life of your structure.  By providing grout to the area around a piper, you are preventing future voids from occurring and thereby preventing possible sink holes. The longer you leave these problems unattended the more costly and dangerous they could become. Give Nichols / Grout Tech a call and find out the what pipe grouting services we can offer you!

Nichols / Grout Tech can assist with all your pipe grouting projects. Contact us today for an estimate. We can visit your home, assess the problems and provide you with the best pipe grouting solution for your budget. Keep your home and yard safe for years to come with our pipe grouting solutions.