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Nichols / Grout Tech specializes in structural repair using polyurethane and/or epoxy injection. The structural restoration of concrete with polyurethane epoxy injection is very often the only alternative to complete concrete replacement. We are your number one Epoxy Injection service provider in the Birmingham, Alabama area.

Cracks in Structural Members

When cracks form in concrete, it is a sign of failure caused by stress, inadequate design, or improper curing of the concrete during construction. One of the dangers of a structural crack is that it can expose the reinforcing bar inside. The reinforcing bar, or rebar, represents one of the main structural components of any concrete structure. Cracks that are not repaired allow moisture, salt, and other contaminants to penetrate into the concrete and attack the rebar. The rebar then oxidizes or deteriorates, losing its structural integrity. If left unchecked, the loss of the entire structure could be the result. Our epoxy injection solutions protect the rebar, stop water leakage, and can be used as a technique for “welding” cracks in the concrete back together. This method often Epoxy crack repair, epoxy injection Alabamarestores the concrete structure to its original strength and load design specifications. By using this injection method, an impervious seal to air, water, chemicals, debris, and other contaminants is formed. Under most conditions, epoxy injection treatments make the concrete as good as new.

The Delaminating of Concrete Structures is another area where epoxy injection can offer selective repair. Prime examples are bridge decks, or other self-supporting structures, where the most common delamination is shearing of the concrete. Typically this occurs at the upper rebar mat. Another common situation is the hollow plane that develops when concrete bridge piers are resurfaced, or the old piers are encased in new concrete. Hollow planes develop, especially along the smooth sections of the old pier. This causes cracks to form on the surface perpendicular to the hollow plane. Delamination then occurs along the hollow planes that run along the reinforcing bar. When injected, the epoxy resin will travel or flow through these hollow plane areas for several feet, filling in the voids and preventing further delaminating.

Nichols / Grout Tech uses epoxy injection services to repair and restore damaged concrete structures and members in Alabama. We repair bridges, overpasses, reinforced concrete decks, pillars, posts, and columns. We also use products that will provide the best solution for the issues presented. Contact us today for more information on epoxy injection in Alabama.