Repairing New Concrete – A Case Study

Repairing New Concrete – A Case Study

It isn’t always time and the elements that can cause repairs to be needed. Nichols/Grout Tech was called in to repair concrete being done on new construction in the Birmingham area.

On this project, the contractor formed and poured concrete walls using self-consolidating concrete (SCC). Under normal circumstances, SCC does not need to be vibrated to allow the concrete to flow and release air bubbles. Unfortunately, something went wrong and the concrete had pockets of air inside the walls. This is called “honeycombing” and, if not repaired, the pockets can allow water to creep into the basement.

Nichols/Grout Tech was asked to come in and repair the damaged concrete. We used Xypex MegaMix II. This is a thick mortar used for patching and resurfacing concrete. In addition, Xypex MegaMix II also has a unique crystalline waterproofing and protection technology.

The poured concrete walls are now sealed and the project can continue.

honeycombed concrete

An area of the honeycombed SCC.


repaired concrete

The same area with the XYPEX Megamix II troweled into the honeycombed area. Note when the MegaMix II is finished and sets, it will be fairly smooth and a lighter color.

concrete repair

A view from above. Both sides of this wall had to be completed. As you can see, the product sets fairly fast.