Residential Foundation Repair Services

Residential Services

There are many problem areas that Nichols / Grout Tech can help solve in residential construction. We offer foundation repair services as well as many other options.  Often problems even in upper floors can be traced back to foundation and/or problems in the earth below the foundation.  We at Nichols / Grout Tech have the experts to figure out the problem and how to repair it.

Foundation Repair

Your home is a big investment and it is important to make sure it keeps its value and stability. Foundation problems can cause serious damage to your home’s Foundation Repair Servicesstructure and it can ruin the living area. Most foundation repair is needed due to issues from soil-related problems: poor compaction, overloading, poor waterproofing, excessive organic materials, etc. Nichols / Grout Tech provides you with foundation repair services combined with the best tools and products on the market to fix your home’s foundation problems.

Pipe Filling & Remediation

Nichols / Grout Tech can also assist with all your pipe grouting projects. Contact us today to schedule an inspection We can visit your home, assess the problem, and provide you with the best pipe grouting solution for your budget. Keep your home and yard safe for years to come with our pipe grouting solutions.


Water leaks can threaten your home by causing serious structural damage that reduces a home’s value and threatens the health of your family. Hiring a trustworthy waterproofing contractor is the key to protecting your home with high-quality waterproofing systems. Nichols / Grout Tech is your solution for waterproofing in Alabama and the surrounding area.

Crawl Space Repair

Many homes built on crawl space foundations in the United States suffer from poor moisture management. The current trend of striving for a healthy home is damaged by crawl space moisture. Nichols / Grout Tech has a variety of ways to keep your crawlspace dry and healthy.

Specialty Grouting Services

If your home is in need of any sort of grouting services, then Nichols / Grout Tech can provide you with grouting assistance.  These services require a professional so that it is done quickly and permanently.

Sink Hole Remediation

Limestone is very common in our area, in fact, the whole Florida Panhandle and surrounding area is made up of limestone. Usually, sinkholes are slow forming and are just small divots in the ground, but sometimes a large hole can open up when ground water fills the hidden holes in the ground. These can swallow homes or yards and wreak havoc on your foundation.  At Nichols / Grout Tech we can take care of your sinkhole problem.

Concrete Repair, Replacement, & Finishing

Moisture and temperature extremes can cause a lot of damage to concrete walls, floors, and structures. There are several reasons why cracks can occur and they can be prevented in some instances. It is necessary to have an experienced concrete contractor come to your property and work on the issues occurring to your home’s concrete.  The concrete professionals at Nichols / Grout Tech can handle your concrete needs quickly and efficiently.

Nichols / Grout Tech has been providing quality cost-effective services to our residential clients longer than any other pressure grouting service in the Southeast. We provide services for Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Auburn, Gadsden, and the surrounding areas in Alabama, Mississippi, Southwest Georgia and the Florida panhandle.