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Does your garage have cracks in the floor? Are there cracks in the garage column? This is a clear indication that your garage is settling or sinking. At Nichols / Grout Tech, we can assist you with foundation repairs. We know that your garage is a big investment. That is why we offer affordable, reliable services for our clients. Let us be your foundation repair Alabama service provider.

What causes a garage to settle or sink? A settling or sinking garage is simply a product of a settling foundation. A settling foundation is caused by the soil around and under your home starting to shift and move. This will leave behind voids under your home’s foundation, causing your home to start to sink and settle into those voids. A few signs that will help you identify a settling or sinking garage are cracking in the floors or garage columns, uneven or sloping floors, or sticking doors and windows. Luckily, Nichols / Grout Tech can help you with any and all of your foundation repair Alabama needs.

If you start to notice signs of a settling or sinking garage, such as the signs mentioned, you should definitely give us a call at Nichols / Grout Tech. A settling garage can mean problems for the safety of your home, it is definitely not something you should ignore.


Foundation Contractor Alabama

At Nichols / Grout Tech, we are honored to be able to say that we provide products from Earth Contact Products. We offer great service, quality products, and even better results. We are glad to be your go-to for your foundation repair Alabama needs. We can help you to get rid of your immediate foundation failure problems, like floor cracks and sticking windows and doors, as well as helping you fix the cause of all your problems. We are your foundation repair Alabama team.

If you do encounter some of these signs, as said before, it is definitely something you want to take care of. Ignoring a settling foundation can decrease the value of your home, and can put your and your family in danger.


If you are experiencing a settling foundation we offer many products and services such as helical piers. By using helical piers, we can lift your garage column to fix column cracks. We also offer void filling (mudjacking/slabjacking) solutions.

Give Nichols / Grout Tech a call today. We can provide you with an estimate. We are ready at any time to help you with your foundation repair Alabama needs.