Sink Hole Remediation

Sink Hole Remediation

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Sinkhole Repair & Remediation in AlabamaA lot of homes and locations in our service area have experienced problems with sink holes. A sink hole is essentially a hole in the earth that is hidden. They are found worldwide but are very common in areas with soft rock content such as limestone, gypsum or salt beds. Limestone is very common in our area. Usually sinkholes are slow forming, and are just small divets in the ground but sometimes a large hole can open up when ground waters fill the hidden holes in the ground. These can swallow homes or yards, and wreck havoc on your foundation.

Signs of a sink holes include:

  • Cracks in the walls of your home or foundation
  • Cracks in along joints windows and doors
  • Sloping floors
  • Depressions in your yard
  • Finding sediment in your water
  • Noticing trees or fences slumping over or falling over
  • Seeing exposed area of your foundation that you didn’t see before

Shallow sink holes can be filled with rock, but when the hole is large, sink hole remediation needs to be performed. This is a process using grouting and underpinning to build up and secure the sink hole.

Why are Sinkholes Common in Alabama?

The soil in Alabama is rich with limestone and dolomite. These two minerals are easily eroded by water, often times leaving caves and holes underneath the surface. Over time, the pressure from buildings and the soil above causes these underground holes to cave in, creating a sink hole.

Let Nichols / Grout Tech assess your sink hole problems and determine if you might need sink hole remediation. If you see any of the signs listed above, don’t wait to call. Call us today for an estimate.

Sinkhole near an Alabama home

Most people think of sinkholes as a cone or funnel shape on the surface of the earth. This hole in the ground doesn’t appear to be much at all.

Sinkhole uncovered in Alabama

However, as exploration of the issue started the magnitude of the hole became more evident. It was soon determined the sinkhole extended under the garage. There was a noticeable cracking pattern encompassing approximately 3/4 of one bay of the garage.









Large Sinkhole in Alabama

The appearance on the surface of the small hole did not tell the “whole” story.
The actual size of this sinkhole was beyond 10′ in length, in an oval shape and extended well under the garage.
Sinkholes don’t always form as we visualize them. They come in various shapes and sizes!