Sinking/Settling Foundations

Sinking and Settling Foundations

foundation settlement, AlabamaThe symptoms of a sinking or settling foundation in your Alabama home can be dismissed as a completely different problem if they are not identified by a foundation repair contractor.

If you have noticed wall cracks, sloping floors, or doors and windows that won’t close properly, you may think that these are just typical signs of an aging home. However, they can be indicators of structural failure that requires foundation repair.

It’s important to regularly inspect your home for settling foundation problems and call a professional if you notice any concerning signs.

The professionals at Nichols / Grout Tech can be of service in Alabama and the surrounding service area.
Financing Foundation Repair

What Causes Sinking and Settling Foundations?

Foundations will sink and settle over time if the soil conditions beneath it are poor. This can be caused by excess water due to poor drainage or flooding. Sometimes, if soil wasn’t laid properly when the home was constructed, it can cause settlement issues down the road.

Whatever the cause of your foundation problems, the experts at Nichols/Grout Tech can come and inspect your foundation and give you an estimate for the repairs needed.

Foundation Repair Solutions

We use state of the art equipment to ensure your home’s safety. Our steel push piers give new support to structures that have lost their original supporting soils. These underpinning products not only stabilize a sinking foundation, but they also lift and hold the structure at it’s originally designed elevation. We proudly install Earth Contact Products foundation pier systems to ensure a lasting solution.

Contact us today so that we can fix your sinking or settling foundation as soon as possible in Alabama, Georgia, and the Florida Panhandle.

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