Slab Cracks

Slab Cracks are a Sign of Foundation Failure in Alabama

As a home owner, it is a good idea to always be on the lookout for signs of foundation failure. One common problem that is a sign of foundation failure is cracks in your slab. Slab cracks are caused by the moisture levels in the soil surrounding your home starting to fluctuate. When water starts to build up it puts pressure on the walls and floors of your home’s foundation. Sometimes the soil under your home will start to shift and move, leaving voids behind that put your slab at risk. Since your home would no longer be supported by the soil underneath, it will start to crack and sink. These cracks will usually be in the slab of concrete that your home is built upon. Slab cracks can pose a danger to your home’s safety. Fortunately, Nichols /  Grout Tech can provide you with some of the best foundation repair Alabama has to offer. We will help you fix your slab cracks, and we can also help to get rid of the moisture or voids that are causing your slab cracks.


Alabama Foundation Specialists

Foundation Repair Alabama, Alabama Foundation Specialists

Nichols / Grout Tech is proud to offer some of the best foundation repair products from Earth Contact Products. These are the “very best” products around. Not only do we offer great products, but we also provide wonderful service and even better results. We offer services that will help to get rid of your slab cracks such as concrete repair, refinishing, or replacement. We can also help to fix whatever is causing your specific slab cracks. Whether your cracks are being caused by foundation settlement or water pressure, we can help. In order to get rid of these problems we can provide services like void filling (slabjacking/mudjacking), and basement waterproofing (sump pumps, vapor barriers, and interior, exterior, and surface drainage).

Of course, we never want you to have to deal with the stress of foundation failure, but if you start encountering problems such as slab cracks, give us a call. We are happy to help with all your Alabama foundation repair needs.