Slabjacking and Foundation Repair

The concrete slabs in your home can be susceptible to settlement from a wide variety of factors. One way to solve this problem is with a repair method called slabjacking. The team at Nichols / Grout Tech are highly experienced in the slabjacking process, and can have your Alabama home back to normal in no time. Some more common reasons settlement occurs include:

  • Soils naturally consolidating over time
  • Soil shrinkage or erosion
  • Concrete slabs built on filled-in land
  • Tree roots pushing against the foundation
  • Rock that erodes easily (like limestone) breaks down
  • Poor compaction of soils at time of construction

Maintaining a foundation requires a keen eye and awareness of changes in the soil, the aging process of your home, and weather factors. Cracks in the walls of your home, windows or doors that stick, floors that slant or slope, and bowing or leaning foundation walls are all indications that your foundation may be settling or even cracking.

If you notice any of these telltale signs, contact a foundation expert to take a look. Nichols / Grout Tech foundation repair in Alabama has been in the business of repairing foundations and crawl spaces for many years. With our wide range of experience and expertise we will offer the customer an opportunity to return their home to the safe and beautiful structure it once was. If your concrete slab is sinking, it may have been built on poorly compacted or eroding soil. Slabjacking may be a solution for this problem. To lift a foundation with slabjacking, we pump a mixture of sand, cement, and a few other additives through strategically drilled holes to float your slab back to the original position. This could save your a lot of money in the long run, as replacing the slab is much more expensive. Call Nichols / Grout Tech for all of your slabjacking needs.

Slab Jacking Alabama Solutions from Nichols / Grout Tech

Slabjacking Foundation Repair Solutions in AlabamaSlabjacking is also called concrete leveling. It is a concrete repair service that should only be performed by specialty concrete contractors. Slabjacking is the process of lifting concrete that is sinking or has settled. Grout is pumped through the concrete, pushing it up from underneath. You may have heard of this referred to as mudjacking and pressure grouting as well. The process of slab jacking has been around since the early 1900s, but over the years technology has progressed and we are now able to lift and level the concrete very precisely. The technicians at Nichols / Grout Tech have years of experience with the slabjacking process in Alabama and the other states we service.

If Nichols / Grout Tech determines a problem with your home’s slab foundation, they will determine which product is best to remedy the situation. Helical piers are frequently used as a solution to foundation failure. It is easy to install the screw type support year round without disturbing the rest of the home. Steel push piers are also used to help lift foundations that are sagging from soil issues. Water seepage or damaged crawlspaces are issues that Nichols / Grout Tech can resolve before the structure of the home is compromised. We are here to help Birmingham, AL, and the surrounding areas with all of their foundation repair needs.

Nichols / Grout Tech proudly uses underpinning products from Earth Contract Products (ECP). These are the very best foundation repair products in the industry today. With these premiere products and our knowledgeable staff, you can count on us to find the right solution for your slab related foundation problems. Call us with your foundation repair questions and concerns today.