Smart Vent® Foundation Flood Vents

Smart Vent® Foundation Flood Vents


Smart Vent Solution

Are you a homeowner who has experienced severe flooding previously? Homeowners should not have to fear extreme foundation damage when the next big storm hits. With Smart Vent® Foundation Flood Vents, you don’t have to anymore. Having Smart Vents installed in your basement or crawl space walls will equalize water pressure on both sides of your foundation. Not only do Smart Vents® prevent water damage to your home or business, but they also reduce flood insurance rates dramatically. If you live in a flood zone, Smart Vents® might be the one thing that saves your foundation from failure.

How Smart Vent® Works

Smart Vents® operate automatically with a float system and are designed to prevent hydrostatic pressure buildup that can destroy walls and foundations. Smart Vents® remain tightly closed until rising floodwater comes into contact with the Smart Vent®. When flood waters rise around your home and reach the float system, the floats will lift, which unlatch and open the vent door. When the doors open they release water and debris through a provided path through the foundation. With being able to equalize the flood water pressure around your foundation, you can rest assured knowing your home can survive the next major flood.

Smart Vents for the home

Air Vents vs Smart Vents®

  • Smart Vents® are made of stainless steel, ensuring that no pests are able to get through them.
  • 16 air vents are needed to release the same volume of water that 6 Smart Vents® can release.
  • Smart Vents® automatically adjust to temperature while air vents need to be opened and closed manually.
  • Air vents are designed to provide air ventilation, not flood protection.

Smart Vents® are certified by International Code Council and compliant with FEMA and NFIP. No matter your foundation, whether it be basement, sealed crawl spaces, or vented crawl spaces, there are models for each. If you live in a flood-prone area and think that Smart Vents® could save your foundation from collapsing, contact Nichols/Grout Tech today for a free estimate. Nichols/Grout Tech is the industry-leading foundation repair, water management, and specialty grouting company in Birmingham, AL and throughout the Southeastern United States.