Sticking Doors/Windows

Sticking Doors and Windows – A Sign of a Bigger Problem with Your Foundation

Sticking doors and windows may not seem like a big deal. Sometimes they can appear when humidity is high, but sometimes they can point to an even deeper problem. Sticking doors and windows may be caused by the settling of your foundation. If you also notice diagonal cracks in your basement, sagging floors, or gaping between your walls and floors you definitely have a foundation failure problem. Do not worry too much, Grout Tech can help you with all your foundation repair Alabama needs. We can help you decide whether or not your sticking windows or doors are showing a need for foundation repair. Give us a call today, we are ready to help you get your home back into it’s best shape.

Alabama Foundation Specialists

We are proud to offer products from the “very best” in foundation repair products – Earth Contact Products. ECP products are of the highest quality, we can assure that whatever repair you need, that the underpinning products used in for your repairs will be long lasting and strong.

Foundation Repair Alabama, Alabam Foundation Specialists

Settlement is caused by contracting and expanding of soils beneath your foundation. By finding the right foundation repair solution for your, we can help you fix your sticking windows and doors, as well as helping to fix what caused those sticking windows and doors. We offer products and services to help with settling such as void filling (slabjacking/mudjacking). We also provide crack injection to help with any cracks that likely came with your sticking windows and doors.

Whatever your foundation failure problem is we are happy to help. We are your number one foundation repair Alabama team! We want to make sure your home is a safe, secure, and healthy environment. So give us a call today.