Problems With Wall Braces

Problems With Wall Braces


Florida panhandle, foundation repairThere are many solutions for bowed or leaning wall repair and, as you would expect, some are better than others. Every situation is unique and so a professional needs to inspect the property and determine the best solution for your foundation problem.

Bowing Out

A bowing or leaning wall is a bad sign of foundation damage. By the time a wall becomes noticeably damaged, the problem has been building for a long time. A leaning or bowed wall occurs when the soil behind it exerts pressure on the concrete or brick. This can occur when the soil is made up of expansive clay, frost heave takes place, or the soil becomes oversaturated. When this occurs, the weakest link is the one that gives. This is usually the foundation wall.

Without anything being done to repair the damaged wall, eventually it will fail and there is a strong chance your entire house could collapse. As you can see from the picture at the bottom, a failed wall can cause a lot of problems.

Wall Braces

Some companies rely solely on wall braces for leaning wall problems. A wall brace is usually fitted into the floor and then secured to the floor joists. The braces can only go towards the wall as far as the bulge is. The rest of the wall has no support and can collapse. In addition, the pressure from the failing wall can push the floor joists, causing floors to sag or be uneven. Lastly, as you can see in the photo, if the wall brace isn’t properly installed, it can fail, allowing the wall to collapse. Wall braces are an option, but we like to use solutions that are more reliable and effective.

Bowing Wall Solutions

helical tiebacks for foundation repair in alabamaOne of the bowing wall solutions that we have found great success with is a helical tieback. A helical tieback consists of a wall plate, a connecting rod, and a screw-like anchor that is driven into the soil, tightening and supporting the wall.

Helical tiebacks are easy to install, use lightweight equipment, and can be installed any time of year. These are a permanent solution to a bowing or leaning wall. They can be tightened at any time in the future, if needed.

Straighten Up!

Bowing or leaning walls are a serious problem, so make sure that you have a reliable and trustworthy company like Nichols Grout/Tech doing the repairs. Your home is a huge investment and it protects you and your family. Do your part to make sure that your home is stable and secure.