Spring Sinkholes In Alabama

Beware of Spring Sinkholes In Alabama

ISinkholes in Alabamaf you are a resident of Alabama, you probably know that the state is known for it’s beautiful soil that is rich in minerals. Unfortunately, soft rocks like limestone, gypsum, and dolomite erode easily when water is present, which causes sinkholes to form in the ground. A sinkhole is an unseen hole in the earth that makes its way to the surface when the soil above it caves in from the pressure. Smaller holes can be filled by rocks, but larger holes become dangerous and need professional repair. Sinkholes can grow when filled with water, and can become powerful enough to destroy your home, yard, and foundation.

As the spring rainfall comes, homeowners in Alabama must be aware of sinkholes and be on the lookout for indicators that they are present. If you have a home in Alabama, be sure to look out for the following signs:

  • Depressions in yard
  • Sediment in water
  • Leaning trees
  • Falling fences
  • Wall cracks

Be sure to regularly check your foundation for exposed areas that you haven’t seen before. All of these signs can indicate that sinkholes are forming on your property, and you should get them looked at as soon as possible.

Call Nichol’s / Grout Tech for Sinkhole Issues in AlabamaDangerous Alabama sinkholes

If you are wary of sinkhole intrusion in your Alabama home, don’t hesitate to call Nichol’s / Grout Tech today. Our highly trained team can come and take a look at your property to help you determine how serious the damage is and provide you with a plan of action. Your safety and the well being of your home is our number one concern, and we will do whatever we can to protect your home and foundation from serious damage. We offer professional sinkhole remediation services at competitive rates. Sinkhole remediation is a process that uses grouting and underpinning to build up and secure the sink hole. Call us today to schedule an inspection and estimate!

Is Alabama Prone to Sinkholes?

Are Sinkholes Common in Alabama?

Sinkholes can have many causes, both natural and man-made. The collapse is usually Sinkhole repair in Alabama by Grout Techdue to low water levels underground and Alabama is home to more underground rivers than any other state. In addition to that, much of Alabama sits on soft limestone, which easily erodes and collapses. Underground caves and springs can contribute to sinkholes, along with poor drainage, abandoned water wells and buried construction materials.

Some warning signs of a developing sinkhole are slumping and sagging fence posts and leaning trees. In addition, you may notice foundation and floor cracks or windows and doors that have trouble opening or staying open. Sinking steps or uneven concrete slabs may also be signs of potential sinkholes.

If you suspect a sinkhole is developing you need to do the following:

  1. Put up a flag or fence around the area, so that other people do not unknowingly fall into it.
  2. Contact your insurance company. Before a sinkhole occurs, make sure that your homeowner insurance covers damage from sinkholes.
  3. Contact your city or public works department, especially if the sinkhole is impacting sidewalks or roads.
  4. Contact Grout Tech to assist you in locating a geotechnical engineer. Only an engineer can determine if it is truly a sinkhole or some other situation.

If your property receives damage from a sinkhole, contact Grout Tech immediately. Our experts can help you with sinkhole repair and remediation.

Sinkhole Repair Solutions in Alabama

There are two methods of sinkhole repair. One method is called grouting, this involves pumping material into the ground, filling the void caused by the sinkhole. Another method of sinkhole remediation is to stabilize the home or business’ foundation using underpinning.

The underpinning method of sinkhole repair uses a pier to create a more firm foundation. The building is secured to the piers, strengthening the foundation and returning structural integrity to your home or business.

Sinkholes can range from a small divot in your yard to a large hole, capable of swallowing vehicles and buildings. The professionals at Grout Tech can help you with locating a geotechnical engineer to determine your situation, in addition to assist you with all of your sinkhole repair and remediation.