Extreme Weather & Your Alabama Foundation

Did You Know that Rain is Messing with Your Foundation?

storms cause problems for Alabama foundationsDangerous weather has definitely been an issue for Alabama, as it is many years. You always think of how it will affect your home or cars. Is your roof going to leak? Will your gutters handle all that rain? Is the hail going to dent your car? What you don’t think about it how it is affecting a part of your home that is mostly hidden to you: your foundation.

Wet Weather Means Expanding Soil

Too much rain is a big deal for your home’s foundation. Whether a slab or a crawlspace, when water builds up it causes something called hydrostatic pressure. This pressure is exerted on foundation walls. It can cause bowing or leaning of basement or crawlspace walls, and cracks in all types of foundations. You know if there are cracks and water around, it is going to find it’s way into your home. This can mean mold, mildew, rot, rodents and other major problems.

So What is a Homeowner to Do?

check gutters to prevent water buildup So are you freaking out yet? If so, it’s understandable. However you can keep these big problems from getting worse. Just start by paying attention. Walk the exterior of your home after big storms. Make sure gutters are intact and leading water away from your home. Make sure the grade of the soil against your foundation is sloping down and away from your home. Check crawlspaces for foul smells and dampness. Look for even the smallest cracks and note where they are and what they look like.

If you notice cracks or changes in interior or exterior of your foundation, don’t wait to have it looked at. It can mean the difference between a small repair, and spending big bucks. Nichols/Grout Tech offers free inspections. It can’t hurt to have your home looked at if you have concerns, but if you wait it can hurt something much bigger: Your home and your wallet. Give us a call today to schedule your free inspection. We can help your foundation weather just about any storm Alabama can throw at you.