Problems After Foundation Repair

Problems After Foundation Repair


foundation settlement, AlabamaMany people believe that, after foundation repairs are done, their home or business will be perfect. It is true that your office or home will be safer and more stable than it was before, but there may be new things that need to be taken care of. It is important to remember that foundation repairs keep your structure from collapsing, other problems are very minor, in comparison.

Foundation Repairs

Keep in mind that the reason that you need to have foundation repairs done in the first place is that your building’s foundation is damaged and weakened. Your home or business may be sinking unevenly or foundation walls are bowing or collapsing. If your office or house is settling unevenly, we will most likely use steel piers or helical piers to raise the foundation and give it a secure anchor in stable soil.

This process involves lowering piers into the soil underneath the home until they reach stronger and more stable earth. Once this is achieved, the building is anchored to the piers and the structure is raised to the correct level. In some instances, the entire dwelling has sunk equally, but other times, only one side or a corner has sunk. Our process will make sure that your home or business is level, stable, and secure.

New Cracks After Foundation Repairs

Many times after a structure is lifted, the owner may discover new cracks that weren’t there before. This can be expected on occasion. Cracks may show up in walls or ceilings because the building had been “leaning” before the repair, but now it is straightened out. There is some movement to be expected when the dwelling is lifted. The cracks aren’t serious or signs of structural damage. They can be patched up and painted over and look good as new.

If you did repairs to doors, windows, or trim prior to the foundation repair, you can also expect to have some alignment problems. The repairs were made while the building was crooked and now it is straight, so things may not line up like they had before. You may notice that there are gaps in between doors and their frames or windows may be difficult to open or won’t stay open.

You may also notice floors buckling if tile or hardwood had been laid prior to the foundation repair. Hard flooring materials may pop up or be damaged as they are less forgiving than other materials. Depending on what material your ceiling is made of, you may see some damage, also. Check your attic framing after foundation repair and make sure that it is in good condition. The whole structure was pushing and leaning in one direction, putting stress on different parts of the building. Now that it is straightened, the stressors are pulling in different directions and may cause cracks and other damage.

Foundation Repair is Important, Other Damage is Superficial

Keep in mind that your house or business has been settling over years and then was straightened out in a matter of minutes. Don’t put off having foundation repairs done just because you don’t want to have to patch a crack or replace some flooring. It is vital that you keep your foundation stable, keeping your family safe and secure. If you’d like to learn more about foundation repair and the things that need to be done before and after, give us a call. We’d like to talk to you and make sure all your concerns are addressed before undertaking foundation repairs to your business or home.

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Wall Cracks and What they Indicate About your Alabama Foundation

What Wall Cracks Mean in Your Alabama Home

Wall Cracks and Repair in Alabama by Nichols / Grout TechThere are several different types of wall cracks that may occur in your Alabama home. Each of these wall cracks may indicate a particular type of foundation problem. The first step to fixing the underlying foundation problem is determining what type of wall crack is present in your home. No matter what type of wall cracks you are dealing with, Nichols / Grout Tech can help you come up with a solution that fits your home. Contact us today to see all of our wall crack repair solutions in Alabama.

Some of the most common types of wall cracks that you may find in your home include:

  • Vertical: Vertical wall cracks are normally caused by some sort of settlement or by heaving in your home’s foundation. The worst cracks are more than 1/8 inch wide.
  • Vertical Wider at Bottom: This kind of crack is typically caused by settlement in the center of your foundation.
  • Vertical Wider at Top: These cracks are usually the result of settlement towards the sides of your concrete foundation.
  • Horizontal: Cracks that run horizontally in your wall are often caused by bowing and leaning foundation walls due to soil pressure and a shifting or moving foundation.
  • Angled: Cracks running at an angle through your wall may be the result of settlement or possibly bowing walls.
  • Vertical and Horizontal: These varied types of cracks are caused by settling foundations or bowing foundation walls.
  • Stair Step: cracks shaped like stair steps may be the result of foundation heaving or settlement during freeze/thaw cycles.
  • Center Converging: Cracks that converge in the center of your wall may be the result of foundation settlement or bowing walls.

These are some of the more common types of wall cracks in your home. Whether these cracks occur in your foundation walls or drywall, we can help you out with some of our foundation repair solutions.

Wall Crack Solutions in Alabama from Nichols / Grout Tech

While smaller wall cracks may be fixed by using an epoxy injection to fill the crack, the larger ones may also require a foundation repair solution. Our team specializes in grout solutions such as epoxy crack injections to fill in and seal wall cracks in your home. We offer our premiere foundation repair and wall crack repair solutions to various areas in Alabama, including the following cities:

Crack Repair in Alabama by Nichols / Grout Tech

The first of these solutions is underpinning with helical pier or steel push piers. If the wall cracks in your home are a result of a settling or heaving foundation, these piers can help reposition the foundation by anchoring into the stable soils deep underground and supporting the weight of the above structure. Because the piers are driven deep into the ground, they are able to support the foundation while lifting it to the proper position.

The next solution helps to correct bowing and leaning foundation walls resulting from a shifting foundation. This solution is the installation of helical tiebacks. These tiebacks are much like helical piers that are installed horizontally. They screw into the ground through the wall laterally like a large screw to pull the foundation wall back into position.

For these and more solutions for wall crack repair in Alabama, contact us today!

What to Do When You Need Foundation Repair in Birmingham AL

Foundation Repair Birmingham AL

As a homeowner, you have to be ever vigilant about inspecting your home’s foundation. Any time you notice something different in the way your foundation looks, you should have it inspected by a professional. At Grout Tech we have a team of experienced workers that assess the problems and come up with solutions for foundation repair in Birmingham AL. In our solution for your foundation needs we will use the most reliable repair products on the market that are made by Earth Contact Products (ECP). With our experience and products from ECP, we can make the needed foundation repair in Birmingham AL.

Over time your house may settle into the soils beneath the foundation. As a house settles, certain problems can occur. You may see windows that do not close tightly and doors that stick. Other issues that you may be aware of are wall cracks and floor cracks. This can be due to back and forth shifting of the unstable soils below your foundation. If you have poor drainage within your soils, the water can put pressure on the outside walls. That pressure can cause bowing walls and wall cracks. If you don’t repair what is causing the problems in your foundation, the situation will become bigger and cost you more money and time.

Helical tiebacks are the products to take care of bowing walls. These tiebacks are used to straighten and strengthen the foundation wall.  They are inserted into your foundation wall and then into more stable soils for the added support. Helical piers are used in many of foundation underpinning situations. The helical piers are screwed into the stable soil and then are attached to the foundation with a helical bracket. A better support system is now in place to take care of your home’s foundation.

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Another great product to help with foundation repair in Birmingham AL, is the use of steel piers. Steel piers are used to support and stabilize the load bearing walls permanently. The steel piers are driven into the stable soil and from there lift your home back to its original position. Once this is done you will probably see that drywall cracks have closed up and the windows and doors no longer stick.

The technicians at Grout Tech can also use an epoxy injection to fill any cracks in the cement floor or walls of your foundation. This stops the possibility of water finding its way into your basement and causing mold and mildew growth and ruining your possessions. If the cement floor cracks are not taken care of, the water can make its way through to the rebar that is used for strength too. The rebar now has the chance of becoming rusty and not doing the job it was intended to do. Taking care of the cracks in any foundation is important to maintain a strong support for the floors and walls above.

Grout Tech wants to be the company you can rely on to make the necessary foundation repair in Birmingham AL. Our experience team and the great products can do just that for you. Call us to set up an appointment to come look over your needs for foundation repair.