Can Companies Not Honor Warranties?

Are There Conditions Where Companies Can Get Out of Honoring a Lifetime Warranty?

The answer appears to be yes. It’s hard to believe, and we have posted before about reading the fine print on warranties, but it does appear that some companies do get out of honoring lifetime warranties. This is why, in this day and age, a company’s reputation, reviews, and previous work need to do all the talking. As a consumer, we recommend really investigating the foundation or waterproofing company that you choose to work with. When it comes to the huge investment you have in either your home or business, you can never be too confident in the company you hire.

ICRI_logoNichols / GroutTech believes in the customer and the customer experience. We want to make your foundation repair, concrete repair, or waterproofing experience the best it can be. Call us, talk to us, get that confidence you need before making a big decision about your home or your business. We understand. Look for quality affliations like the ones we have with the ICRI (International Concrete Institute) and ECP (Earth Contact Products) whose products are made right here in the USA!ecp_01ani

People ask us from time to time about the BBB. Our experience was similar to what you can read in the “Criticism” section of this article. Again, we recommend doing all the homework you can prior to making your decisions. Look at larger picture of past work and experience, as well as affliations to make your choices.

Read the article below as it is a perfect example of how companies can get out of honoring their lifetime warranties. Be educated, be prepared, and advocate for your home or business. It is definitely in your very best interest! We have linked to the article below with the permission of WAVE 3 TV. Please let us know if you have any questions!