Water Seepage

Water Seepage in Alabama

Water Seepage Solutions in AlabamaBasement and crawlspace moisture is no easy problem to deal with. In fact, it can be very difficult and expensive to diagnose and take care of the basement water problem in your Alabama home or business. Many times, the root cause of water seepage in your basement has to do with your foundation. This could make it even more difficult to find a solution. Fortunately, the professional team of

Fortunately, the professional team of waterproofing contractors at Nichols/Grout Tech is dedicated to giving you relief from your water seepage problems with affordable and effective solutions.

If your foundation is sinking, it may cause the ground around the foundation to become displaced. Voids and spaces may form as the concrete settles, filling with water and leaving your basement susceptible to water seepage, as water collects in these areas and leaks through foundation cracks. Water that is allowed to pool in your yard can also cause seepage problems.

If you suspect your basement or crawlspace is suffering from water seepage, examine it for signs of moisture. Some common symptoms of water seepage include mold growth, high humidity, water stains, condensation or dampness, wood rot, and rusting metal.


Solutions to Prevent Water Seepage in Alabama Homes

If you notice and moisture problems in your home that appear to be the result of water seepage, come to Nichols/Grout Tech right away. Once we are sure that the foundation is intact, we can move on to waterproofing solutions. To fix water seepage issues in your basement or crawlspace, we can put in several different drainage and waterproofing systems. The water seepage repair options that our team provides are:

  • Surface Drainage: If the water seepage in your home is caused by water pooling in your yard and seeping through the concrete, a surface drainage system may be your best choice. These systems drain water away from the foundation to keep it from collecting near your home and entering the basement or crawlspace.
  • Water Seepage Repair in Alabama by Nichols/Grout TechExterior Waterproofing: This system includes a waterproof membrane and an underground drainage system to help prevent groundwater from collecting to close to your home’s foundation, keeping water seepage from becoming a problem.
  • Interior Waterproofing: Waterproofing and drainage inside the home are also important to keep existing basement or crawlspace water from causing mold growth and other issues. Components of this system include the drainage pipes and channels and the sump pump system.
  • Vapor barriers: For crawlspace moisture caused by water seepage, we can install a vapor barrier inside your crawlspace. This barrier is a waterproof material that is designed to seal cracks in the concrete and prevent moisture from diffusing through the crawlspace walls.

We have great financing options to help you pay for any waterproofing solutions you may need.


If one of these solutions sounds like it might be right for your basement or crawlspace, call the waterproofing contractors at Nichols/Grout Tech right away. We are proud to serve customers in Alabama and surrounding areas.