Water Stains

Resolve Water Stain Problems with Grouting in Alabama

water stains alabamaWater stains on your home’s walls and ceilings can be a very unsightly problem. Water stains can be caused by leaking pipes, drains, or severe weather. A very common problem that can lead to water stains is foundation cracks.

If foundation cracks are not addressed as soon as they are discovered, then they can easily lead to water stains and many more severe problems. These might include mold, mildew, wood damage, and loss of personal possessions.

If you have water stains in your home we will attack the problem at the source, thereby preventing any further issues. With our epoxy grout injection solutions, we guarantee that your home’s foundation will be sealed and strong.


Another Water Stain Solution: Epoxy Injection for Alabama Structures

Water stain repair in Birmingham, ALA foundation crack is most likely the result of exterior stress on foundation and basement walls. These cracks can let in water and lead to water stains. Water stains could be as simple as a leaking pipe, or as serious as a structural foundation  problem.

One of the dangers of a structural crack is the effect that it has on the reinforcing bar inside. The reinforcing bar or rebar is one of the main structural components of any concrete structure. Cracks left unattended will allow moisture and minerals to degrade the integrity of the rebar. If left unchecked the problem will get more expensive and more dangerous, the whole concrete structure could be lost.


Our epoxy injection Alabama solutions protect the rebar and seals out water. Epoxy injection is a technique for “welding” cracks in concrete back together. Our experts will be able to restore the concrete to its original strength in most cases. In other words, under most conditions, epoxy injection in Alabama makes the concrete as good as new. It protects you from water stains and much more expensive and dangerous issues.

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