Wet Basement

Wet Basement Solutions in Alabama

One common problem for many homeowners is excess water in the basement or crawlspace of the home. A damp or wet basement could be an indication that you have a problem with one of your drainage systems. It also could be a sign of a foundation problem, such as a sinking or settling foundation. No matter what is causing the wet basement, it is an issue that could pose serious threats: it could lower the value of your home significantly, cause water damage to your personal possessions, or create health issues (such as mold) for you and your family. If you have a wet basement in Alabama, or the rest of our service area, Nichols / Grout Tech has a solution for you.

Wet Basement Alabama, Wet Basement BirminghamOften, the cause of a wet basement Birmingham could be a failure in the surface drainage system. If the gutters are not functioning properly, or the downspout does not carry the water far enough away from the foundation, it could cause water to enter the basement. Another thing that may cause water to enter the basement is an old or unreliable sump pump. This could lead to excess moisture and mold problems in the basement or crawl space of your home. Sometimes, the ground around the foundation of a home is not properly graded and does not slope away from the home. If this is the case, it could cause water to collect in the low spots and drain into the house. Excess water in the basement could also be caused by a foundation problem, such as cracks in the foundation, or a settling foundation.

Wet Basement Alabama Solutions

No matter what the cause of your wet basement in Birmingham or the rest of our service area, Nichols / Grout Tech offers a great solution for you. We provide services to repair and install all sorts of drainage systems – from sump pumps and sump pits, to gutters and drain pipes. If your wet basement in Alabama is related to a foundation issue, we can help with that too. Our team consists of professionals that are experts on many different foundation repair methods. We also use only the best products from reliable suppliers like ECP to make sure the repairs to your home and foundation are top quality.



Contact us today to see how we can help you solve your wet basement Alabama problems and get your home on the way to being completely dry and healthy!