Wet or Damp Crawl Space

Wet or Damp Crawl Spaces in Alabama

Because the state of Alabama experiences higher than average precipitation annually, residents often report a high incidence of flooding in their crawl spaces.

Flooding crawl spaces can have a number of unsavory and troublesome consequences including mold, mildew, musty odors, and rotting of wood structures. If left unaddressed, it can even affect adjacent areas of the house by destroying carpeting and other floor work and damage existing drywall.

The most common causes of wet crawl spaces in Alabama include:

  • Malfunctioning or misaligned downspouts: downspouts are intended to redirect water away from the home and crawl space, but improper positioning can permit accumulated water to drain against the side of the home and directly into the crawl space.
  • Surface water: this includes rainwater, melting snow, or flood water which collects on top of the ground. Homeowners with sloping properties are at highest risk, as water can seep in through window wells or cracks in the foundation walls.
  • Groundwater: When the soil surrounding homes experiences heavy saturation after floods or melting snow, the water contained in the ground can exert force against the floor of your foundation and permeate inside.
  • Capillary Attraction: This is a mechanism by which soil continuously draws up water underneath a crawlspace. The pumping action is exacerbated by finer soils, which is a prevailing problem for Alabama residents since there is a relatively high prevalence of clay-based soil. As the water is carried closer to the surface, it begins to evaporate into the crawlspace causing increased dampness and humidity.

Grout Tech Solutions for Alabama Crawl Space Problems

Early intervention is the best way to eliminate crawl space issues and prevent furtherWet crawlspace repair in Birmingham, AL by Grout Tech problems from occurring. At Grout Tech, we offer a variety of services to address and combat wet crawl spaces and the problems associated with them.

One of the most effective solutions to treating wet crawl spaces is to install crawl space vapor barriers. These barriers are 10 to 20 millimeters thick, puncture resistant, and composed of high tensile strength material to block out seeping moisture deposited by heavily saturated soil. Here at Grout Tech we install vapor barriers so as to encapsulate the crawlspace, thereby preventing excess moisture from permeating any exposed wood and generating mold and mildew. A permanent vapor barrier is created by stacking the vapor barriers from the ground to the foundation walls.

Once the vapor barriers are installed, we then excavate the exterior foundation and seal the below grade walls with polymer membrane coating and dimple board to prevent water infiltration. This also redirects water to an installed drain tile system that will drain to a sump pump or directly outside and away from the foundation.

We at Grout Tech are your crawl space vapor barrier provider for the Birmingham, Alabama area and will properly ensure that your crawl space remains dry and functional.