What’s the Price for Peace of Mind?

What’s the Price for Peace of Mind?


Your home is your biggest investment and keeping your family safe and secure is priceless, but there comes a time where your budget has to meet reality, right?

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Average Costs Around the Country

Helical Pile World (HPW) contacted 21 installation contractors, distributors, and manufacturers around the country. Keep in mind that there are many variables that come into play when estimating the cost of a project. Some things are under a contractor’s control, while others are not. Factors such as weather, material costs, problems with the site, and so on can all impact the final price of any project.

All the companies that were contacted stated that per pile prices would be higher if the site was problematic. Additionally, prices per pile would be lower if the project was larger than 30 piles and the site was in good condition.

Sample Projects for Estimates

cost of foundation repairThe sample project that HPW asked the participants to quote included the following details:

  • 20-foot pile with two galvanized bearing plates
  • 20 kip* allowable capacity
  • No cobbles or other obstructions in the soil
  • New construction pile cost, 30 piles or less
  • Residential remedial application costs

* A kip is a unit of measurement used in structural engineering. One kip is equal to 1000 pounds-force.

The first project that was quoted was for new construction helical piles with grade beam caps. The prices ranged from $790 in the Northwest section of the country to $680 in the West/Southwest. Our area of the country came in at $690, so on the low end of the spectrum.

The second project, the remedial helical pile with bracket, had a little bit bigger range of pricing. The West/Southwest was the highest region at $1410. The Midwest/Plains states had the low end of the range at $1090. Our part of the country is in the middle, coming in at $1120.

These prices are for a residential project on a typical site. Commercial properties or challenging sites would be priced higher. Schedule a free estimate for a better idea of what your particular project would be priced at.

You Get What You Pay For

Also, keep in mind that the lowest price is not always the best deal. You may save some money right now, but if the work isn’t done correctly or the materials used are cheaply made, you’ll be spending more to have the damage repaired and the project done right a second time. Make sure you use a contractor with a reputation for good work, helpful customer service, and uses quality products. Give Nichols Grout/Tech a call to learn more about how we can make your home stable at competitive prices and financial assistance program.

foundation repair costs around the world.

Credit: Helical Pile World