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What Foundation Services do we Offer

The foundation is the most important part of any building, it disperses the structures weight to the soil below. Your home is your biggest investment and if you have damaged or dysfunctional foundation the well being of your house could be at stake.  If you notice any  foundation cracks or potential issues call Grout Tech immediately; we want to preserve the integrity of your home. We are your foundation repair experts of Alabama.

When a house settles it sinks a little bit into the soil beneath it. While it may seem like it’s not sinking very far, a few inches can have severe effects on the structure. Some warning signs to be aware of include sticking windows and doors, cabinets that won’t stay closed, and leaning or bowing walls.  Foundation settlement is no laughing matter and it shouldn’t be put off to be fixed later. The longer you wait the more expensive and problematic the issue could become. Grout Tech has the tools necessary to guarantee your home’s well being.

Helical Piers AlabamaOur most common procedure for fixing up foundations is a process called underpinning.  When we underpin your home we use helical and steel piers to help support the weight of the building.   Helical and Steel piers are driven deep into the soil below your home until they reach the stable footing of bedrock, the opposite end is then attached to your foundation, holding up the house and preventing further settlement.  These products are great for homes that have began to settle or sink into the soil.  We have many different types and sizes of piers, this way we can guarantee the perfect fit for your home.  The bigger more expensive piers might be unnecessary for your house while the smaller ones might not be able to support it properly.  We have a wide range so that you get exactly what you need for your budget and home.

Helical Tiebacks Alabama, Foundation Repair AlabamaAnother common tool we use is Helical tiebacks and anchors.  These are used for returning bending and bowing walls to their original perpendicular position. Helical tiebacks and anchors are attached to the inside of a basement wall and are pulled by a long pole that stretches out into the soils outside. Overtime they can be tightened until the walls have reached their original strength. These tools are perfect for homes that have had previous settlement issues.  Basement walls may not have returned to their upright positions and anchors and tiebacks can help.

Our final service is called mudjacking or slabjacking.  When soil contracts during dry seasons it may leave voids underneath of your home. This could cause your basement concrete slab to crack and dip into the void. When soil is dry and hot it may begin to erode causing the small gaps and voids under your slab.  If you notice your floor sloping or drooping call us today. At Grout Tech we can fill that void with grout and raise the slab to its original position. Eliminating all problems.

We also offer basement waterproofing systems for your home. One of the biggest problems that has the easiest fix is your gutters. Often times gutters will be full of leaves and sticks causing water to flow over and pool around your foundation. You should check your sump pump as well, they don’t last forever sometimes they may need to be repaired or replaced. Being alert and observant of your home’s condition is one of the easiest ways to save money. If you notice water pooling around the foundation then you may need to hire someone to help redirect water away from your home. It also wise to know the warning signs of moisture and water seepage. If you notice a musty smell, or condensation on duct work then you might have some moisture in your crawl space or basement.   For more help tips on keeping your basement dry contact us today.

Grout Tech has served many different clients covering the commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential markets. With job types ranging from small residential to large commercial and industrial work, Grout Tech has the ability, and know-how, to help you achieve the best results. Our main focus is, and always will be, the client.  We want to make sure we leave you satisfied and at ease with the condition of your home. We also guarantee to get the job right the first time, saving you both time and money.

We only hire the most skilled employees in the business and customer satisfaction is our number one priority.  If you are interested in our services, feel free to check out the service area page.  We cover an extensive range of states including Alabama, Florida Panhandle, Southwest Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee.