Why Foundation Repair is not a DIY Job

Why Foundation Repair is not a DIY Job

Many of us don’t realize the importance of a quality foundation. In fact, your foundation is the most important part of you home’s overall health. A healthy foundation prevents water damage and structural damage that decreases your home’s value. Here at Grout Tech, we are happy to service all of your foundation contractor Alabama needs.

Finding the Right Foundation Contractor in Alabama

Your home’s foundation is not a joke. You need to be sure that your walls are straight and not cracked or bowed. It is important to contact a professional to service your foundation and find the best solution for your problem. If you let foundation problems go unattended too long or attempt to fix them yourself, there will be bigger problems in the future. The experts here at Grout Tech can easily recognize common problems and provide the best solutions.Wet_basement

Common problems induced from a below-quality foundation include a cracked stoop or porch, wall cracks, floor cracks, leaning chimneys, bowing or leaning walls, and foundation cracks or leaks. There’s a multitude of solutions available, and you are not likely to find the best answer on your own. Here at Grout Tech, however, we have all the solutions to meet your foundation contractor Alabama needs. We specialize in foundation repair and waterproofing, and are happy to assess your situation and provide quality solutions.foundation contractor alabama, foundation repair alabama

Common solutions include helical anchors/piers/piles, helical tiebacks, steel piers and micro piles, slabjacking, and hollow bar anchors. Each of these solutions have various benefits and drawbacks. For example, helical piers create little to no disturbance to the landscape, but are used primarily for light-weight  structures. All of our solutions, however, are top quality. We use only the best foundation repair products from Earth Contact Products, the top foundation repair equipment provider.  Knowing which solution works best for which problem is a practice best left up to the experts.  Contact a professional at Grout Tech right away for your foundation contractor Alabama needs.

Problems in your home’s foundation need to be taken seriously. Don’t attempt to fix them yourself. Contact a professional at Grout Tech to meet all of your foundation contractor Alabama needs. Contact Us today for more information.